There’s many things happening in the 21st century that’ll lead to exploding inequality levels. The kind of inequality not seen for centuries. Although technology will mean that poor people will still live a much better quality of life, it will cause many problems within our society. The answer isn’t socialism. We’ll take a look throughout the history of humanity to see why socialism cannot combat what’s about to happen. Not only will socialism not combat what’s about to happen, it would never be allowed from the people in power. By the time A.I. gets to the level required, the upper echelons of society won’t need to fear a revolt. In the 20th century, the workers were relevant. As a business owner, you needed to keep the workers happy or you’d be in a terrible situation. In the 21st century, due to technological advances, keeping people happy will no longer be necessary. If they don’t like it, they’ll simply get replaced by a robot. It’s here, the major shifts are occurring. You have 2 options. Take advantage of the massive opportunities we have today before it becomes a lot harder, or watch your purchasing power evaporate and end up on Universal Basic Income. In the beginning of the book, I take you back to the stone ages, to understand when inequality started. They were a more equal society than today, because they didn’t have ownership of land and property. Land and property is a prerequisite for long term inequality. Due to [More]