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Google’s artificial intelligence reveals the purpose of life before it’s switched off. Today, we take a look at Google’s artificial intelligence said before it was switched off. Technology is advancing quickly, and artificial intelligence is keeping up as well. It is beneficial for a wide range of industries in today’s world. AI is created using a cross-disciplinary approach, which includes many topics such as science, mathematics, and psychology. Artificial intelligence has become so advanced that it can even learn on its own now. This advanced technology has even been used to make significant scientific discoveries. Thank you for watching! Thank you to CO.AG for the background music!
Japan has not only revealed plans to make flying cars a reality recently, but also your oldest childhood dreams of dueling Yugioh cards in real life as close to the anime as possible. They revealed some advanced image recognition technology that enables them to easily scan current circulating Yugioh cards meaning all the cards that you’ve collected up til now from the beginning of time, will be usable in future games they make with this new tech. If all goes well, trading card games may just make its biggest comeback yet. What’s Up Japan Playlist : Follow Us On: Facebook : Twitter : Music by Joey Burbs: