At Hanson Robotics Lab in Hong Kong, the 23rd version of Sophia features skin and simulated muscles. Two new robots were made to help kids learn and provide medical care to the elderly. WATCH NIGHTLINE EPISODES: ALSO AVAILABLE ON HULU: #Nightline #China #HongKong #HansonRoboticsLab #ArtificialIntelligence #robot #AI #Sophia #technology
MIT scientists reveal the first artificial intelligence that has gone rogue. Today, we take a look at this artificial intelligence that went rogue. The unknown and almost limitless potential capabilities of artificial intelligence have formed the plots of science fiction novels and movies for years—with both positive and negative depictions. Whether a cognizant spaceship whose on-board helper can answer to and deliver on your every beck and call, or a nefarious robot who becomes self-aware and takes over the world, the possibilities of artificial intelligence truly run the gamut. Thank you for watching! Thank you to CO.AG. for the background music!
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