(26 Jan 2020) LEAD IN: Researchers in Taiwan are combining machine learning through artificial intelligence (AI) with medical imaging to help diagnose tumors more quickly. They say  AI computing reduces of the time required to diagnose a tumor, from days to under ten minutes. This allows patients to be treated earlier, improving their chances of recovery.   STORY-LINE These AI Labs are working with Taipei Medical University Hospital to develop tools which cuts the time it takes doctors to diagnose cancers. An advance which could benefit patients. Ethan Tu is the founder of Taiwan AI Labs. He explains how the new AI platform learns to read the medical images: “We actually learn how to segment a liver out of the CT scan slides from the open data or only a few data set. Then we use an interactive way to automatically learn from the doctor how to segment the tumor out of the CT scan. And through this interactive approach, we don’t need a huge amount of medical images. We only need a small amount of medical images to start with. Then using the interactive way, the computer will learn from the doctor over  time.” Medical imaging is a technique of creating images of organs and tissues inside a body allowing doctors to investigate whether medical intervention is necessary. Machine learning is when a set of techniques and algorithms enable computers to discover complicated patterns in large data sets. They team says the old method of using CT scans to detect tumours meant [More]