Although Amazon is at the forefront of AI technology, the company could not find a way to make its algorithm gender neutral. But the company’s failure reminds us that AI develops bias from a variety of sources. While there’s a common belief that algorithms are supposed to be built without any of the bias or prejudices that color human decision-making, the truth is that an algorithm can unintentionally learn bias from a variety of different sources. Everything from the data used to train it, to the people who are using it, and even seemingly unrelated factors, can all contribute to AI bias. This Case study is all about how Amazon AI recruiting tool that showed bias against women. #Amazon #genderequality #AIinrecruitment #marketingcasestudy #mbacasestudy #managementcasestudy #casestudy #HRcasestudy
Artificial intelligence is already proving its worth among several industries including manufacturing and optics. It is recently beginning to chart its own path in the field of human resources and recruitment. HR professionals are fining ways in which AI can be put to good use to make recruiting, onboarding, and retaining employees more efficient and effective. This video will show some ways in which AI is changing the HR recruitment process. For more information on this subject, click the link below: *** Subscribe to HERE: For more content from, click HERE: Watch The Funnel Report and other videos HERE: Like The Funnel Report on Facebook HERE: Follow The Funnel Report on Twitter HERE: Follow The Funnel Report on Instagram HERE: is an ambitious technology-focused digital channel dedicated to highlighting the economy of information and the massive intersection of business and technology. We offer useful information, news, tools, and recommendations about what is new in the industry, where technology is headed, and how it can help you improve your personal and professional life. The goal of is to keep businesses and consumers on the cutting edge of need to know information about the people, product, companies, and innovations that are changing the world.