MyOutDesk is instant and Affordable Talent for Your Business This video shows you how author and founder of Keller Williams Realty, Gary Keller feels about using a virtual assistant to create leverage in your Real Estate Career. He mentions the very step to success in this video. You will get an idea from him of how most agents don’t focus on the most important aspect that provides the “key to the kingdom.” The other speaker in this video is one of the co-founders of a virtual assistant company created just for Real Estate agents and brokers. The company does not outsource anything else, they stay focused on what they know which is Real Estate. After watching it you will come away with an idea where best to use a virtual assistant, it’s easy to sign up and pay for one, but what’s next is work and planning, explains the speaker in this video. Where should you focus? On leads, listings or leverage? See what the Author of The Million Dollar Real Estate agent has to say about that. You come away understanding what the most important direction for you business should be. #GaryKeller #KellerWilliams #RealEstateVirtualAssistants