In Part 3 of this Keynote, NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang talks about how AI is helping with Drug Discovery and announces NVIDIA Clara Discovery to help scientists discover life-saving drugs. He announces Cambridge-1, destined to be the UK’s fastest supercomputer, which will advance the healthcare research of AstraZeneca, GSK, King’s College, NHS, Oxford Nanopore, and others. And he announces availability of a ready-made AI supercomputer — the NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD — which is scalable from 20 to 140 NVIDIA DGX systems. 03:56 – Hear from Dr. Kim Branson, head of AI at GSK, which is partnering with NVIDIA to build the world’s first AI drug discovery lab. NVIDIA in Healthcare: NVIDIA Clara Discovery: GTC Homepage: Watch the Keynote on NVIDIA: #GTC20 #drugdiscovery Follow NVIDIA on Twitter:
The key to understanding AI bias is to see datasets as textbooks for your machine “student” to learn from. Like textbooks, datasets have human authors and reflect the biases of those authors. They’re collected according to instructions made by people. What does this have to do with fighting AI bias? Find out in the video! Learn more: What is AI bias: Pay attention to that man behind the curtain: Video clips 12040, and 31772 courtesy of Pixabay.
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A katana fight between two ABB robots during an exhibition. Your needs…Our actions! CPM Special Bearings
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