Patreon: Discord: Pod version:—Emergence-Special-Edition-with-Dr–DANIELE-GRATTAROLA-e1hrb23 An emergent behaviour or emergent property can appear when a number of simple entities operate in an environment, forming more complex behaviours as a collective. If emergence happens over disparate size scales, then the reason is usually a causal relation across different scales. Weak emergence describes new properties arising in systems as a result of the low-level interactions, these might be interactions between components of the system or the components and their environment. In our epic introduction we focus a lot on the concept of self-organisation, complex systems, cellular automata and strong vs weak emergence. In the main show we discuss this in detail with Dr. Daniele Grattarola and cover his recent NeurIPS paper on learning graph cellular automata. Featuring; Dr. Daniele Grattarola Dr. Tim Scarfe Dr. Keith Duggar Prof. David Chalmers Prof. Ken Stanley Prof. Julian Togelius Dr. Joscha Bach David Ha Dr. Pei Wang [00:00:00] Special Edition Intro: Emergence and Cellula Automata [00:49:02] Intro to Daniele and CAs [00:57:23] Numerical analysis link with CA (PDEs) [00:59:50] The representational dichotomy of discrete and continous at different scales [01:05:21] Universal computation in CAs [01:10:27] Computational irreduciblity [01:16:33] Is the universe discrete? [01:20:49] Emergence but with the same computational principle [01:23:10] How do you formalise the emergent phenomenon [01:25:44] Growing cellula automata [01:33:53] Openeded and unbounded computation is required for this kind of behaviour [01:37:31] Graph cellula automata [01:43:40] Connection to protein folding [01:46:24] Are CAs the best tool for the job? [01:49:37] Where [More]
Moderated by David Bueno i Torrens Development work can take on various approaches. For Mmantsetsa Marope, it’s all about strengthening #HumanCapital through #education and #training. Mmantsetsa Marope is the Executive Director of the World Heritage Group and Honorary President of the Indian Ocean Comparative and International Education Society. Her professional career includes 11 years university professorship, ten years at the World Bank and ten years in the United Nations – including her role as Director of UNESCO’s International Bureau of Education (2014 – 2020). As global leader, she works to transform learning systems towards innovative self-renewal, quality, impact and equity, inclusion, justice and fulfilment for all. 26/11/20 LIVESTREAM in English The #talks of “Fixing the future – Education edition” are exploring the #future of #education with 7 of the world’s most inspiring experts. For more information please visit Livestream en Català: This event is organized by Atlas of the Future, with the support of SOM *, Abacus Cooperativa and Generalitat de Catalunya. CONNECT WITH ATLAS OF THE FUTURE: Web: AtlasNews: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: #education #educationsystem #onlineevent #inspirationaltalk #StefaniaGiannini #children #school #talkseries #fixingthefuture #futureofeducation #futureschool #school #futureofschool #futureeducation #teachers #teacher #inspiration #educationalsystem #FutureHero #AtlasoftheFuture #teachingideas #unesco