iMotions and Stanford University team up to make use of eye tracking glasses and facial expression analysis inside one of the most advanced driving simulators. See how data is being combined across multiple sources to perform in-depth analysis and generate unique insights into a driver’s experience. This particular simulator is using data from devices & technology like eye-tracking glasses, facial coding software, as well as events generated from the user operating the vehicle. For instance, when the driver of the car presses on the gas to accelerate, the corresponding data is synchronized with sensors using the API. Want to find out more? Read more about the technology behind these studies at iMotions For more questions Contact us: Let’s get Social: Linkedin: Facebook: Twitter:
Today we speak with Prateek Joshi. Prateek and I talked about the definition of AI, machine learning, and an approach to using AI in the real world. AI is in your future and it won’t be the Matrix or Skywarn (or will it). Prateek Joshi is the founder of Plutoshift and a published author of 13 books on AI. He has been featured in publications such as Forbes, CNBC, TechCrunch, and Bloomberg. You can visit to learn more about him. Plutoshift: Re-Read Saturday News We had a bit of home repair this week and I did not get the Week 10 of our re-read of Agile Conversations by Douglas Squirrel and Jeffrey Fredrick completed (thanks to Laurie and Todd for use of their condo). We will be back next week. Buy a copy now! Week 1: Logistics and Introduction – Week 2: Escaping The Software Factory – Week 3: Improving Your Conversations – Week 4: The Trust Conversation – Week 5 The Fear Conversation (Part 1) – Week 6 The Fear Conversation (Part 2) – Week 7 The Why Conversation (Part 1) – Week 8 The Why Conversation (Part 2) – Week 9 The Commitment Conversation – Next SPaMCAST Next week, we revisit the role of the team lead and the concept of self-organizing teams. Can they co-exist? We will also have a visit from Jon M Quigley who brings his Alpha and Omega of Product Development column [More]
The artificial intelligence revolution is just getting started. But it is already transforming conflict. Militaries all the way from the superpowers to tiny states are seizing on autonomous weapons as essential to surviving the wars of the future. But this mounting arms-race dynamic could lead the world to dangerous places, with algorithms interacting so fast that they are beyond human control. Uncontrolled escalation, even wars that erupt without any human input at all. DW maps out the future of autonomous warfare, based on conflicts we have already seen – and predictions from experts of what will come next. For more on the role of technology in future wars, check out the extended version of this video – which includes a blow-by-blow scenario of a cyber attack against nuclear weapons command and control systems: Subscribe: For more news go to: Follow DW on social media: ►Facebook: ►Twitter: ►Instagram: Für Videos in deutscher Sprache besuchen Sie: #AutonomousWeapons #ArtificialIntelligence #ModernWarfare
Davide Santo from NXP’s Auto BU delivered the keynote address at CDNLive EMEA 2017, in which he stressed the importance of Artificial Intelligence for the future of autonomous driving. Watch this video where he summarizes the main theme of his keynote, and explains how Cadence RADAR DSPs can accelerate this process.
Driven by a massive increase in data, soaring computational power at shrinking costs and breakthroughs in technology, AI is now a commercial reality. As a productivity enhancer, it is augmenting human labor and physical capital, optimizing processes with intelligent automation systems, and propelling new innovations. But perhaps even more importantly, if AI can take over the repetitive work of your people, their new role description could be finding new ways to contribute to the higher purpose of your company. The Panel discusses how businesses can act now to develop strategies around AI that put people at the center, and commit to developing responsible AI systems that are aligned to driving positive outcomes that empower people to do what they do best—imagine, create and move us all forward. For these companies it’s a journey of so many nexts. Do join us to find the best inspiration, the best partnerships, and the best ways to navigate your next.