Lecture Title: Deep Learning to Solve Challenging Problems For the past eight years, Google Research teams have conducted research on difficult problems in artificial intelligence, on building large-scale computer systems for machine learning research, and, in collaboration with many teams at Google, on applying their research and systems to many Google products. As part of their work in this space, they have built and open-sourced the TensorFlow system (tensorflow.org), a widely popular system designed to easily express machine learning ideas, and to quickly train, evaluate and deploy machine learning systems. They have also collaborated closely with Google’s platforms team to design and deploy new computational hardware called Tensor Processing Units, specialized for accelerating machine learning computations. In this talk, Jeff highlights some of their recent research accomplishments, and will relate them to the National Academy of Engineering’s Grand Engineering Challenges for the 21st Century, including the use of machine learning for healthcare, robotics, language understanding and engineering the tools of scientific discovery. He also covers how machine learning is transforming many aspects of our computing hardware and software systems. This talk describes joint work with many people at Google. More information may be viewed at https://www.cs.washington.edu/events/colloquia/details?id=3087. Originally recorded on October 10, 2019. This video is closed captioned.