Neil understands the potential AI has to revolutionize the world; however, he also has a mission to teach people the truth about technology, informing about the dangers of AI when the revolution starts to grow faster than the regulations, putting us all at risk. Neil Deshmukh is dedicated to using technology as a superpower as a means to help people all over the world. By creating solutions to worldwide problems (even in the comfort of his bedroom), technology allows him to help people around the world. He has founded two businesses and worked on in-depth research based on the idea of Artificial Intelligence, the science and art of teaching computers to do things that we once thought only we could do. He has created VocalEyes, an IOS app which allows visually impaired users to navigate the world using technology to identify objects, text, people, and environments. It has thousands of users, and is on the App Store. PlantumAI allows farmers to diagnose their plants, and treat them before their crops are destroyed by disease. It is currently being used in areas of India to reduce over-pesticide usage. He’s also worked on many research projects utilizing the power of AI to help doctors diagnose and analyze patients more efficiently. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at