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In this conversation with Dr. Andrew Ng, Stanford University Professor, co-founder of Coursera, founding lead of Google Brain, founder of deeplearning.ai, former chief scientist at Baidu, Founder and CEO of Landing AI, we look at the current and future state of AI, explore the concept of data centric AI as well as the latest developments at Landing AI.
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The Current State of Adversarial Machine Learning – Heather Lawrence Proving Ground BSidesLV 2018 – Tuscany Hotel – Aug 08, 2018
The afore-mentioned responsibility encompasses the encouragement of creative practices, as well as an openness for polymaths and cross-disciplinary approaches. There is a strong expectation that art-science-technology collaborations provide a valuable strategy for developing new and before unknown approaches by embracing errors and encouraging diversity, which allows a reflection on itself and its impact on society. These reflexions are essential for the creation of functioning human-machine interfaces in the further development steps of artificial intelligence. Anna Maria Brunnhofer works at the interface of business and creativity in strategy and experience consulting. Her focus is on contemporary technologies and their potential to change existing structures. With her broad background in economics and ethics, fashion design, art studies, and philosophy, her holistic approach to physical and digital matters is a particular strength. https://ars.electronica.art/error/conference/ Ars Electronica https://ars.electronica.art/ https://www.facebook.com/arselectronica https://www.twitter.com/arselectronica https://www.instagram.com/arselectronica https://www.flickr.com/photos/arselectronica
What is AI (Artificial Intelligence): This video is an explanation of the definition of AI (Artificial Intelligence), the 3 main categories: ASI (Artificial Superintelligence), AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) and ANI (Artificial Narrow Intelligence) and the current state of the technology. Sign up to the Newsletter to keep updated on education, news and information on the advances in AI: http://www.welcome.ai US Government : Preparing for the Future of AI https://obamawhitehouse.archives.gov/sites/default/files/whitehouse_files/microsites/ostp/NSTC/preparing_for_the_future_of_ai.pdf Keep updated on A.I products, services and technologies at https://www.welcome.ai
EE380: Computer Systems Colloquium Seminar Artificial Intelligence: Current and Future Paradigms and Implications Speaker: Scott Phoenix, Vicarious Artificial intelligence has advanced rapidly in the last five years. This talk intends to provide high-level answers to questions like: What can the evolution of intelligence in the animal kingdom teach us about the evolution of AI? How should people who are not AI researchers view the societal transformation that is now underway? What are some of the social, economic, and political implications of this technology as it exists now? What will future AI systems likely be capable of, and what are the largest expected impacts of these systems? The talk will be understandable for non-computer scientists. About the Speaker: Scott Phoenix is CEO and a founder of Vicarious, an AI research company building general intelligence for robots. Vicarious has received over $110 million in funding from pioneers like Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, and Jeff Bezos. Prior to co-founding Vicarious, Mr. Phoenix was an entrepreneur-in-residence at Founders Fund. He earned his BAS in Computer Science and Entrepreneurship from the University of Pennsylvania. For more information about this seminar and its speaker, you can visit https://ee380.stanford.edu/Abstracts/180530.html Support for the Stanford Colloquium on Computer Systems Seminar Series provided by the Stanford Computer Forum. Colloquium on Computer Systems Seminar Series (EE380) presents the current research in design, implementation, analysis, and use of computer systems. Topics range from integrated circuits to operating systems and programming languages. It is free and open to the public, with new lectures [More]