In today’s digital age, “Data” is the new oil. There is a huge amount of data around us, and it’s expanding at an exponential rate. The challenge is that this big data set (Big Data) is noisy and heterogeneous. So, it’s very important to extract knowledge or insights from the data around us. The field of data science explores the patterns within large data sets and aims to drive meaningful actionable decisions. Data science is an umbrella term that encompasses data analytics, data mining, machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), and several other related disciplines. In this video, learn about the top 5 countries to study data science, ML, AI & big data analytics abroad. Additionally, get to know the top universities, job prospects, and average salaries in those countries. Related Blogs: Top Universities for Masters (MS) in Data Science in USA Top Masters in Data Science and Analytics Programs in Canada Masters in Data Science, ML and Analytics in UK: Top Universities, Costs, Job Prospects, Salaries MS Machine Learning / AI vs MS Data Science vs MS Business/Data Analytics – How to Choose the Right Program Masters in Data Science and Analytics in Germany – Top Universities, Jobs & Salaries Masters in Data Science and Business Analytics in France: Best Programs, Jobs & Salaries Masters (MS) Business Analytics in Canada: Top Schools, Skills, Jobs and Salaries Best Master’s (MS) in Analytics Programs in USA For personalized career and study abroad guidance, [More]