I’m pleased to announce our Wednesday, 6/20 event in the Blockchain in Healthcare Webinar Series, “AI Convergence, Concepts, and Controversies,” taking place 8-10PM EST. This lively discussion moderated by Heather Flannery will feature two thought leaders in the industry, David Houlding, Principle Healthcare Program Manager, Cloud + Enterprise Division, at Microsoft Corporation, and Jack Neil MD, CEO, at Zather and udifi, and CTO and Pediatric Anesthesiologist at Medstream. We’ll introduce AI methods such as machine learning, deep learning, and robotic process automation and its convergence with blockchain and distributed ledger technology. The discussion will explore how blockchain can be used to more rapidly assemble the very large data sets needed to successfully train AIs, the role of smart contracts in this process, the mechanics of off-chain big data storage, the critical role auditable data provenance plays in manifesting ethical, transparent AI inferences and conclusions, and more. This highly engaging two-hour live event will begin with 30 minutes of presentations from the guest speakers, followed by a one hour interview-format discussion, and close with 30 minutes of facilitated audience Q&A.