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Digital Twins are virtual models of the physical world. They use the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and complex data in models that create insights and support (real-time) decision making. It is perhaps healthcare that holds the greatest potential for Digital Twins.
Check out my website for all the latest updates! Music: “Around the Bend” by Asteroid Galaxy Tour Since Apple is so interested in Nuance’s speech technology, it is obvious that they plan to implement speech recognition in iOS 5 to a much greater extent than in the past. This is my take on how Apple could implement universal speech control (by holding down the home button and speaking various commands to navigate the phone or perform tasks such as making phone calls) and how the speech recognition technology could be used to put dictate text into any text field (by long-pressing a text field or double tapping an already selected field). Obviously, the commands to navigate the phone are limitless (i.e. “open texts, open messages, launch text messages”, etc — all mean the same thing). My concept is the unobtrusive and passive nature that Voice Control will have in the future — instead of taking up the entire screen to say a command, the status bar at the top changes to blue and tracks what you say. Also, I believe I have finally found and refined my “style” for Apple-looking videos. The Apple Logo, iPhone, iOS, and Mac OS X are the sole property of Apple, Inc. located in Cupertino, CA. This is an independently animated concept for software development.