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Composite video from the 2013 Mid Atlantic Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition
Texas Congressman Will Hurd joined students and cyber experts in San Antonio for NCCDC, the nation’s premier college cyber competition. Read more here about the competition: http://www.raytheon.com/news/feature/nccdcwin_2017.html
In 1997, Garry Kasparov became the first knowledge worker to be surpassed by an intelligent machine—at least that is one way to look at the world chess champion’s famous match loss to the IBM supercomputer Deep Blue. Instead of becoming the cognitive John Henry, Kasparov has spent the past 20 years pursuing his fascination with how humans and increasingly powerful AIs can work together. In this talk, he will also discuss the role business must play in moving AI from the laboratory into the mainstream and how the new generation of machine learning can create knowledge that contributes to real insight and understanding, not merely efficiency. Most of all, Kasparov wants us to be optimistic and ambitious about the reality and potential of intelligent machines, what he calls a self-fulfilling prophecy.