Juris Puce from KleinTech Services will be giving presentation on actual uses of machine vision in combination with deep learning as for inspection of passing trains and wagons on railroad. Juris will provide information on what kind of tasks KleinTech Services and 4SmartStreets teams are solving as well as information on limitations of vision and deep learning and some ways to possibly overcome them by using common sense. (Language — Latvian) Tags: Deep learning, Machine Vision, Artificial Intelligence Juris is a CEO of KleinTech Services, Partner in 4SmartStreets and a technology enthusiast with main focuses on finding ways to use technology in optimisation of different areas. The main expertise Juris has is in areas of DL/Machine vision and information security. Juris has more than 15 years of experience in technology and holds large amounts of different certifications, but more importantly has a lot of practical experience managing teams in related fields.