Artificial Intelligence in simple terms is a branch of technology that focuses on machines and them having the capability to think and make decisions like human beings. It has evolved to an extent where machines are able to recognize speech, visuals, languages and eventually make sound decisions. Moving on, Machine Learning is the subset of Artificial Intelligence that helps machines make decisions based on their previous outcomes or experiences. Moving further ahead, we have the final branch of Artificial Intelligence, Deep Machine Learning that is a subset of Machine Learning. What is Deep Learning? In Deep Learning machine trains itself with the help of deep learning algorithms and neural networks to recognize images or detect speech. Deep Machine Learning is the most advanced form of Artificial Intelligence today. Artificial Intelligence is growing at a fast rate and is visible in all forms of machine learning applications, be it electric cars, smart homes or smart cities, Artificial Intelligence has slowly but steadily made its mark. Today it is no more necessary to have a GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) to load and run applications faster, with the use of JavaScript the process seems to have simplified a lot. However, with all the advantages of Artificial Intelligence in advancing technology the question remains, does Artificial Intelligence help in domain names and web development? This talk focuses on Deep Learning and the prospects it offers to the web developers in current times. Vikramank Singh, a Data Scientist at Facebook explains to us the intricate [More]