Artificial intelligence (AI) is expected to see rapid development in the coming decade, with the marginal cost of intelligence decreasing rapidly. One example of this is ChatGPT, an AI chatbot that uses GAN technology to engage in natural-sounding conversations and generate original content. The development of large language models, which can perform tasks at a lower cost but are not capable of creating new knowledge or solving complex problems, will enable the creation of new services that use language as the primary interface and will become more capable of continuous learning and improvement. Artificial general intelligence (AGI), which is capable of performing any intellectual task that a human is capable of, is also being developed, with the potential to lead to rapid advancements in various fields. One example of this is Teslabot, a robot being developed by Tesla that is designed to be a real-life companion and is being designed to achieve AGI, which could be used in fields such as healthcare, transportation, and technology. However, there are concerns about the alignment of AI with human goals, known as the alignment problem, and potential impacts on employment and the economy. Solutions to the alignment problem include designing AI systems with built-in ethical constraints and using self-improving AI, and some believe that adapting to the changes brought about by AI could lead to a brighter economic future for all.
Your computer might whip your ass at chess, but it’s still pretty bad at the regular person stuff.
Taken from JRE #1342 w/John Carmack:
My first business was a martial gym, it was a great business. I didn’t want a job but I had to pay for grad school so I turned my sport into my livelihood. The problem with my gym business was that I lived in a small town. I couldn’t operate a high traffic low conversion business. I’d be out on the street in no time if I went that route. I had to work with a low traffic high conversion model and get the most closes from a small amount of lead flow. That’s what eventually turned my on to automation architecture. Come on over to where you can get the step by step process and action steps. If you enjoyed this video, subscribe to our channel and get the #1 tactics of the world’s top experts and proven entrepreneurs delivered straight to your inbox at And if you’re interested in more exclusive interviews, check out our YouTube playlist on that exact topic here: Thanks for watching! JOIN ME! EHQ Daily:
Super Intelligence is getting closer each year and recently, there has been much speculation about how ASI will affect humanity. What is ASI and how far are we from creating one? Song, image, video, thumbnail sources:
A.I. advancements are making robots look more like humans. How long until they replace us? What Happens If We Give A.I. The Ability To Remember Everything? – Read More: ‘AI Is Good for the World,’ Says Humanoid Robot “About 67,000 years ago, a gigantic mammoth chowed down on enormous mouthfuls of grass in Texas, just west of where modern-day Austin is located, according to new research.” For the First Time, a Robot Passed a Medical Licensing Exam “Xiaoyi, an AI-powered robot in China, for example, has recently taken the national medical licensing examination and passed, making it the first robot to have done so. Not only did the robot pass the exam, it actually got a score of 456 points, which is 96 points above the required marks.” Artificial Intelligence Is Poised to Revolutionize Warfare “Wars have traditionally been declared — and fought — by humans. Now a rising chorus is warning that AI is set to radically remake global conflict, and even potentially how and when governments use force” ____________________ Seeker inspires us to see the world through the lens of science and evokes a sense of curiosity, optimism and adventure. Visit the Seeker website Subscribe now! Seeker on Twitter Trace Dominguez on Twitter Seeker on Facebook Seeker