François Chollet is the creator of Keras, which is an open source deep learning library that is designed to enable fast, user-friendly experimentation with deep neural networks. It serves as an interface to several deep learning libraries, most popular of which is TensorFlow, and it was integrated into TensorFlow main codebase a while back. Aside from creating an exceptionally useful and popular library, François is also a world-class AI researcher and software engineer at Google, and is definitely an outspoken, if not controversial, personality in the AI world, especially in the realm of ideas around the future of artificial intelligence. This conversation is part of the Artificial Intelligence podcast. INFO: Podcast website: Full episodes playlist: Clips playlist: EPISODE LINKS: François twitter: François web: OUTLINE: 0:00 – Introduction 1:14 – Self-improving AGI 7:51 – What is intelligence? 15:23 – Science progress 26:57 – Fear of existential threats of AI 28:11 – Surprised by deep learning 30:38 – Keras and TensorFlow 2.0 42:28 – Software engineering on a large team 46:23 – Future of TensorFlow and Keras 47:53 – Current limits of deep learning 58:05 – Program synthesis 1:00:36 – Data and hand-crafting of architectures 1:08:37 – Concerns about short-term threats in AI 1:24:21 – Concerns about long-term existential threats from AI 1:29:11 – Feeling about creating AGI 1:33:49 – Does human-level intelligence need a body? 1:34:19 – Good test for intelligence 1:50:30 – AI winter CONNECT: – Subscribe to this YouTube channel – Twitter: – [More]