Rafael Narezzi is a seasoned cybersecurity professional – having worked in a variety of roles, from a cyber-educator to his current role as a cybersecurity advisor and CISO within the UK’s sustainable energy sector. In this segment of his interview with Echoworx, Rafael explains the importance of providing proactive cyber-education for employees and why an organization needs to steer away from reactive thinking when it comes to security incidents. Rafael also stresses the need to show Board Members at organizations the true value of investing in proactive cybersecurity measures – and the consequences of not doing so. — Echoworx shares your passion for data security. This is no passing fad. Nineteen years ago we created OneWorld, the first smart messaging encryption platform that adapts to any environment. As pioneers who keep on innovating, our product is constantly evolving to solve your challenges. We live and breathe email encryption. We help protect the way the world communicates. Check out our website www.echoworx.com