Today’s guest on the Niche Pursuit podcast is Carlos Meza. Carlos is the CEO of Crowd Content — a thriving content publishing agency and marketplace that has recently acquired Content Refined and Rocket Content AI. Carlos talks to Jared about all things content and what it takes to produce the people-first content that Google wants from blogs and websites. He provides tips and advice on everything you need to know about creating quality articles, whitepapers, and blog posts that rank well in search engines. You get advice on the importance of creating an outline and how to do this effectively for your content. Moreover, there’s advice and tips on the fundamentals and what it takes to make an authentic piece of writing. If you’re at the stage in your business where you need to branch out and scale your content production, Carlos provides tips and advice on how to do this effectively and the pitfalls to avoid. Many people make mistakes when moving from writing their own content to scaling it up with paid writers, so it’s great to get Carlos’s thoughts and expert advice on this. In addition, the conversation focuses on AI (artificial intelligence) and how it will play a role in creating content moving forward. Finally, Carlos gives his honest opinion and shares some significant use cases and ideas on using AI technology for content creation now and in the future. Other Topics Discussed: * Why content is so important for SEO * What exactly is quality [More]
Video 32 is Zeynep’s LAB video (Ted Talk) posted on Polylearn about why Machine Intelligence makes human morals more important