List of Ted Talks Mentioned in Video The Incredible Inventions of Intuitive AI – Maurice Conti: How Algorithms Shape our World – Kevin Slavin: What Happens When our Computers Get Smarter than We Are? – Nick Bostrom: Can we Build AI without Losing Control Over it? – Sam Harris How a Driverless Car Sees the Road – Chris Urmson How We’re Teaching Computers to Understand Pictures – Fei-Fei Li How Computers Learn to Recognize Objects Instantly – Joseph Redmon The Jobs We’ll Lose to Machines – Anthony Goldbloom How AI can Enhance our Memory, Work and Social Lives – Tom Gruber How AI can Compose a Personalized Soundtrack to your Life – Pierre Barreau Checkout How to Earn Money with AI and ML Checkout Best Programming Language of 2020 Check why you should learn Data Science Check how you can Learn, Earn and do Competition in Data Science For Final Year Project or any kind project checkout our official website. Join Us to Telegram for Free Placement and Coding Challenge and Machine Learning Resources ~ @Code Wrestling For suggestions and any query write to us at
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