I know this is rather old, but I feel it was very important to cover this on this channel. This is a 19 minute lecture altogether, and I put two of the most important parts of it to reveal how he admits that quantum computers are directly or indirectly responsible for the Mandela Effect, without actually saying it out right. I would encourage anyone who hasn’t seen this in its entirety to go and listen to this. It’s called ” Geordie Rose – Quantum Computing: Artificial Intelligence Is Here” I need to also add that CERN is very much involved as well, as they are the muscle and D-Wave quantum computers are the brains. They have at least 3 of these quantum computers at their location in Switzerland. There are also many more hadron colliders located in various places around the world. I also find it very interesting that he makes reference to a teddy bear, and tells a story about his child. I find this very interesting considering that the Bernstein Bears was one of the first things to change, and was a major meme around the Internet in early 2016. The original was Bernstein Bears. It was changed to Berenstein bears then to Berenstain. Why they went through 3 stages I have no idea.