Panel Discussion with leading Quantum Technology companies: D-Wave Systems, QxBranch, and Quantum Base Panel participants Dr. Colin Williams, Director of Strategy & Business Development, D-Wave Systems Inc. Paul Guthrie, Chief Strategy Officer and Co-founder, QxBranch Phillip Speed, CEO and Co-founder, Quantum Base The panel discusses the challenges associated with a commercialisation of a quantum computer; its use cases and the potential to bring a world-changing impact. The ethical issues are going to be particularly important. The capability of a quantum computer to undermine most public-key cryptography (PKC) in use today, presents a serious challenge to society and, arguably, could prevent the technology from further commercialisation. Having said that, other technologies such as Artificial Intelligence are also contributing to this ethical challenge for economy and society. Developing quantum algorithms will help financial sectors to conduct highly accurate financial modelling as well as predict future events in trading. A quantum computer can process a vast number of calculations simultaneously, analyse very complex variables, and build precise predictive models from complex, high velocity data. This can also be applied in weather forecasting, traffic management or Cyber Insurance industry. Quantum machines and quantum security technology can be positively utilised for fighting the proliferation of counterfeit drugs. Quantum computing will help to develop very powerful AIs capable of breaking through some of today’s unsolvable problems very easily. These are challenges associated with drug and scientific discovery, biotech and modelling biological systems – areas of extraordinary and enormous complexity with millions of variables. [More]