MIT Introduction to Deep Learning 6.S191 (2020) DISCLAIMER: The following video is synthetic and was created using deep learning with simultaneous speech-to-speech translation as well as video dialogue replacement (CannyAI). ** NOTE**: The audio quality demonstrated here was additionally degraded since we want to avoid improper use of this technology. The purpose of this video is to excite the class about the potential of deep learning, not to deceive anyone. Thus, we purposely lowered the audio quality before publishing to make the synthetic aspect of this video clearer. All course lectures are posted online: For all lectures, slides, and lab materials vist Subscribe to stay up to date with new deep learning lectures at MIT, or follow us on @MITDeepLearning on Twitter and Instagram to stay fully-connected!!
Will AI Take Over the World – Delegates Speak on Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning This video is selected and uploaded by Acadgild to educate the people on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Science. This video is not our property. With the increasing technology revolution across the world, people have the disconcertion on their future and most of them have the following agitated questions towards AI and Machine Learning. • Will AI Take Over the World • Will AI Replace Humans • Will AI End Humanity • Will AI Replace Programmers • Will AI Replace Doctors • Will AI Rule the World • Will AI Take Over Jobs Go through the entire compilation to know the answers to all the above question by the world’s renown delegates as follows, • Toby Walsh – Professor, AI. University of NSW Sydney. • Sundar Pichai – CEO, Google • Barack Obama – 44th President of USA • Mary-Anne Williams – Professor, Social Robotics, University of Technology Sydney • Jack Ma – Founder and Executive Chairman of Alibaba Group For more updates on courses and tips follow us on: Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn: