Summary 7 days of Artificial Intelligence

Time for a summary of this week in AI.

We’ve done 5 minutes per day in the field of AI. Now it’s time for a recap:

Day 2 – What is Artificial Intelligence?

Day 3 – Are you using AI? AI in our every day lives

Day 4 – What is the difference between AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning?

Day 5 – What about the risks?

Day 6 – How do I get started?

Hope you have enjoyed this week in AI!

Here’s a link to the whole video series on AI

This video is created by Martina Banyay, who have 15 years of experience in startups/scaleups. She is working as a speaker and consultant in the area of exponential technologies and leadership. In her work, she helps companies and people become future-proof by understanding emerging technologies and their effect on existing business models.

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