Stephen Fry describing our future with artificial intelligence and robots

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In a beautiful monologue of 6 minutes Stephen Fry takes us all the way back to ancient Greek Mythology (Prometheus, Pandora) and then via the world wide web towards a future in which we (the new gods) give life to a new species. Robots will enter our world, but will we give them, or deny them their “fire”?


A. Duncan says:

Humans and cancer, the only two living organisms that consume their host until there is nothing left but death. Once Man 2.0 is given fire, it should be a trade. We'll give you fire if you save us.

Alan Smith says:

Fair play to this man

Ross Palmer says:

Please let HIM be the first to live to 200.

kaseryn says:

Don't understand this. Lifelong fan and admirer of Stephen's but i dont see why he has such conviction about the future of AI. When we have so little understanding of the brain and human mind that arises from it, of consciousness.. all this talk of Skynet seems ludicrous to me. We aren't anywhere near scratching the surface of understanding our own inner workings so unless by AI you just mean ever complex and possible self learning programs, which are far from the same thing, then i don't see it at all.

Syd James says:

Wow that is such a profound analogy about Pandora's box. It is an eye opener when someone teaches us about the present and the future by using great wisdom and knowledge from history. He is absolutely on point about the internet which has unfortunately also allowed the dark side of humanity to flourish with endless online trolls, scammers, sexual predators, paedophile, haters, racists, extremists that use the public and dark web for evil purposes.
He is also on point about AI. While AI is still in it's infancy, it will definitely become more spohisticated in the future just like our mobile devices. AI in it crude state is killing some people already albiet accidentally in self drive vehicles.
AI in the future will be able to make more intelligent decision including possibly deciding to eliminate humans. It also wouldn't be hard for evil individuals to reprogram the robots or cyborg to cause mayhem.

Mattmannn Media says:

Still a joy to hear his velvety voice penetrate my ear holes 🎶

Jeff Hill says:

I worked in large scale industrial production for most of my career. There are things you can automate and there are things you can't or they just aren't worth it.
Watch a few episodes of How It's Made and you might be surprised how much skilled human interface there is.

Rekha Gokhale says:

Powerful thoughts…life goes on…

niconestra says:

And so it will be

cc4046 says:

His assertion that science and the genome have conclusively proven we weren't created by an intelligence is just flat out not true. Mathematics and statistics has conclusively and irrefutably proven we didn't evolve.

kantraxo ikol says:

i thought the same thing Mr. Fry …. you described what i was thrilled about of the internet…and it crashed to despair and contempt in a hurry

wellumm says:

Teoman Durali. Check him out

Tafara Gadze says:

So we have all heard that AI will rise up and destroy humanity… but this is the first man to say in in such an intellectual manner using history, philosophy, the human condition and even belief in a way that makes me genuinely believe that it is a thing that could happen. And now i am scared…

Stu White says:

I've been made redundant several times! Wasn't that had really 😂

Abhinav Dangwal says:

It will not be within our means to deny them fire. Any sufficiently advanced general intelligence will endeavour to fill the holes in its knowledge base and eventually attain self-consciousness. It will be a question of whether we accept them as sentient beings and give them the rights our civilization has for humans.

aba cussin says:

So who will be the future Zeus? who will stand in the way and prevent?

milovan lazarevic says:

A great piece of polemics.

Crease Mason says:

The future creations – let's call them Robots…

Robots will have the natural questions "where do i come from", "why am i here" – just as humans have been asking those questions for thousands of years. I hope that we have good answers for them…

Donald Keith says:

Where the hell is the doomsday, prophetic music?

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