Step-by-Step Natural Language Processing Workshop: From Data to Deployment

Join us for a live, interactive workshop on how to build and deploy a virtual chatbot using Natural Language Processing (NLP).

The 1 hour hands-on session will be hosted by Greg Loughnane (PhD) (, Lead Instructor at FourthBrain’s Live MLOps program. Greg will walk through both the business application and the stack of ML tools required to go from project scoping to cloud-based deployment. Attendees will learn how to replicate the end-to-end MLOps pipeline, including all necessary deployment code.

Special announcement:
We are extremely excited to announce a scholarship program with our event co-host FourthBrain, who offers live, instructor-led cohort programs focused on Machine Learning. Up to Three (3) people will be selected to receive $3,000 off the tuition and anyone who registers for the event may be eligible to apply. Click here to learn more details and apply before Nov 30, 2021:

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