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Do we live in one of many universes? On this episode of StarTalk, Neil deGrasse Tyson and comic co-host Chuck Nice investigate the theory of the multiverse with physicist and author, Prof. Max Tegmark.

To start, we dive into the different theories and levels of the multiverse and how they differ from each other. What do people even mean when they say multiverse? Is it just more unidentifiable parts of space or whole parallel universes? You’ll learn about inflation theory and quantum multiverses. We ponder whether there may be an Evil Chuck out there lurking in some other universe?

Discover the idea behind infinite infinities. What does it mean for one infinity to be bigger than another infinity? We explore Einstein’s theory of general relativity and how it relates to infinity. Can you have infinite infinities within a finite universe? Could parallel universes exist within a multiverse? We investigate our definition of the universe and if there could be more space beyond it.

How does the multiverse affect our universe? Is there any observational evidence to suggest it actually exists? Does dark energy have anything to do with it? We get into how to test seemingly untestable theories and how exploring these holes in our knowledge gave us quantum mechanics. You’ll also learn how a multiverse would even begin and what might exist between universes. Find out about Hilbert space and decoherence. Would Evil Chuck know about our own Good Chuck? Many more questions answered on another episode of StarTalk!

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About StarTalk:
Science meets pop culture on StarTalk! Astrophysicist & Hayden Planetarium director Neil deGrasse Tyson, his comic co-hosts, guest celebrities & scientists discuss astronomy, physics, and everything else about life in the universe. Keep Looking Up!

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Dabwa iShiri says:

My question. If level 3 multiverse is real, whose universe are we in?

TheDragonStratagem says:

There are these so-called virtual particles that come in and out of existence in space-time all the time. The whole universe could be a virtual particle of a larger construct in which timescales that are astronomical for us are minuscule there. We could be about to blink out of existence, in some higher-dimensional space-time as a way of maintaining that larger constructs hyper-quantum fields.

Kingofgrowers says:

Chuck , Neil , Max … you guys … I hope you feel how much you are appreciated.

PR200 says:

Chuck was about to blow up at 20:40

PR200 says:

Just how you have spaces between galaxies, you have spaces between universes.

Eric Brown says:

I need a bigger pipe…great episode!

Lance Fore says:

If our observable universe is 13 billion years old, how old would the Level 4 multiverse be?

Jake Evans says:

Fun thought for the idea of a Multiverse and Big Bang question. Would it be theoretically possible that the Big Bang is a chain reaction, infinitely creating new universes

The energy in our universe’s expansion through supernovas and other factors that disperse energy are the fuel to continues the next reaction

Ben Ng says:

Anyone know the picture that is hanged behind Neil? picture of our galaxy or our universe? It looks really cool

Mr. T says:

Bruh ya'll can't tell me Chuck doesn't seem like an Alien trying really hard to fit in 😅

David Rodenbaugh says:

This show has pulled me out of depression time and times again. Star talk is epic

phantom 7 cross rose says:

Is Neil japanese?😇

Mehdi Baghbadran says:

Even on earth we have the 4

Mehdi Baghbadran says:

4 diamentions

Mehdi Baghbadran says:

Rewrite your destiny

SeaSesh says:

Search for "why multiverse is religion, not science"

Deep Box Games says:

38:20 is my favorite part!

brisk says:


Prof. Max Tegmark:

"…and I think we still a little bit of that today, some people argue that they don't like this idea of reality being even bigger just because it makes their egos feel even smaller…"

Neil, Chuck and me:



Phite Onn says:

As it's all just theory, I have one. We are on a globe in a classroom and a teacher is explaining to the pupils how humans used to live one million years ago. Prove me wrong 😉

Steve Marshall says:

Please people🙏🏾 don’t watch this if you’re high. You’ll only be as amazed as anyone will ever be

neeraj k choudhary says:

Professor snape moved from balck magic to multiverse

Brigett Price says:

Being time by dogen zenji

Pat Lemay says:

ok fell asleep but that's not because it was not interesting, I just got sidetracked by sheeps from and alternate future that is the past of another time and I fell asleep…. nope AiryKritter you are not the only one to require a second watching 🙂

Matt Walker says:

Overkill is underrated.


It always blows my mind to think about multiple Infinity ♾

Modest Daddy says:

I want to be the “Chuck” at a party of friends having tea and snacks to talk about and solve the mysteries of the universes.

Henry Meeks says:

Is it just me or does Neil's eyes look like he keeps his pipe nearby during every Cosmic Query

martin smith says:

There aren't other Solar systems (at least not in our universe), but other star or stella systems, "Sol" is the name of our Sun

PlumBerryCherries says:

I love this show. And I always watch it with my packed pipe close by. #Chuck! Also, I'm going to start asking "When am I"? That's gonna throw so many people off. Great Episode fellas.

Naneaux PeeBrane says:

Are the dislikes – those more than a nerd kind type of people… like who argues with Max Tegmark or NDT…. jeez and what do they know more about?!

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