Speech Recognition Breakthrough for the Spoken, Translated Word

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Chief Research Officer Rick Rashid demonstrates a speech recognition breakthrough via machine translation that converts his spoken English words into computer-generated Chinese language. The breakthrough is patterned after deep neural networks and significantly reduces errors in spoken as well as written translation.

For more information on Speech Recognition and Translation, visit http://www.microsoft.com/translator/skype.aspx


TheRubsi says:

This is now 7 years old.
Have we seen any results sind then?

Noone Athome says:

bullshit, Its shit, it doesnt work.


Great work!

drewh0208 says:

So this is how everyone in the Star Wars universe understands each other.

九中理科实验班 says:


楚天晴 says:

it's 2017,i'm here.

杨薇 says:

Even now, still fascinating.

Ertix says:

So is there a sense for studing chinese?
Or maybe better choice will be japanese?

丁雪 says:

This is a good example that give us view of ML and DL

Joe Cinq says:

This was 4 years ago where is this tech?

Lu Pan says:

Not bad, though some sentences in chinese deviated from the actual meanings of the original sentences

joyisrawrsome says:

are the 5 languages ( English, French, German, Italian, Mandarin, Spanish) the only ones available so far… why not link with a pronunciation website like forvo.com and – (somehow conglomerate the different peoples voices across a language into one malleable one) be able to recognize any other language 🙂 Best wishes – bc this is very useful technology


wow its amazing how did he do that oh gosh

MonkeyHerder3 says:

LOL! the voice recognition it is doing behind him is AWFUL!

Pou Ching Yeh says:

almost perfect, impressive !!

FloorDynamics says:

so what did the chinese dude say?

Eden Chang says:

oh my Microsoft…. English teachers are going to lose their job…

Sumit Pal says:

The most of the crowd is like – since, I do not known Chinese, it seems quite impressive and hence i feel like clapping. Anyway, this is promising.

Shady Chiri says:

Loved it. I am trying to wonder how the inside of the black box works though

M. Hsu says:

still a lot to improve, like translating "lead to" into “导致“ (not accurate) and "the rest of presentation" into"其他的讲座", which means "other presentations" in Chinese.

Leonardo Gonzalez says:

Yesterday I was discussing the upcoming Cortana feature for windows phone and someone pointed out to this video. This is really cool technology, one that could literally break frontiers. I hope they are closer to release it now.

Nicholas Llewellyn says:

Still magical – where is this technology?

Muxxyy says:

finally. stephen hawking can speak chinese now 🙂

Usman Akhtar says:


C.S. K. says:

@5:36 two steps = to stop

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