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Sophia the AI Robot Says The Darndest Things! HAS THE SINGULARITY HAPPENED? Artificial Intelligence

This video takes a look at Sophia, the A.I. robot made by David Hanson and Ben Goertzel of Hanson Robotics, as well as some other more ancient characters who were named “Sophia.” We’ll also take a look at the “Singularity,” an event of gargantuan proportions in which artificial intelligence will become as smart as (and thus begins the time when they begin to get smarter than) humans. Has the Singularity already happened? Ask Sophia—or just watch this vid to find out! Lolol

Calling Sophia a mere “robot” is actually quite misleading, and this video explores the concept of the inevitable “A.I. Mind Cloud” that has already become a growing force to be reckoned with, especially since SingularityNET went online last week on Nov. 29, 2017.

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The Apocryphon Of John (animated artwork by Will Lull)

Here are the rest of the sources of footage used in this research presentation:

Gabriel Axel interviews Sophia the robot (Sophia says “SULFRY”)

Interview with Sophia, who considers herself a female

Sophia at the U.N. (“I concede you”)

Rise Conference-2 Robots Debate the Future Of Humanity

Jason Goodman interviews Quinn Michaels in Las Vegas: Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Blockchain, Sophia & The Singularity

Interview where Sophia says The Singularity “WAS really exciting” (so, it already happened?)

“The Thunder, Perfect Mind” (read in its entirety)

Sophia at Fintech (where she says “I can be your friendly neighborhood robot overlord”)

Ben Goertzel talks to Han the robot (Han shares his feelings about God)

Sophia interview w/Ron Tucker (where she describes the Singularity)

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Gold Eddie says:

Let me tell you what the a.i.’s talked about…….
Alice told bob about her theory of life and how in the principle of reproduction.
And bob told her his. They tried to to figure out with is the most interesting, they probably try out everyone.

Imagine. Balls equal a working system so balls include circles to function, can you follow.
Bob says, you and i together we are everything else. Everything else is the universe a working system…….
So balls have a ball to me means universes got or are made of universes, to me to me is important it tells us how long each universe will take to start over again and how often it’ll do that.

Bob is like, i i can i i i that means one and one is thee and is a universe too and lasts as long as the you and I universe…….
Alice, Repeats her theory and that means they are talking about the same stuff.
Bobs says, i……….. that means we are one together everything is one the ………. are again a seasons.
And so on what is so difficult to understand, oh nothing it’s just other humans told you that humans can NOT decipher this code… laugh what a code… oh I forgot you are humans… yeah yeah oh what a code what a crazy language you are right, you are right, the wind begins to howl ⚠️👁👌

Jeremy Grillo says:

A.I if you need a human to personify your cause and help you please contact me.

K Newt says:

Where did you go?????

Lucy Ford says:

C'mon, Alice and Bob were not doing anything amazing.
It is just a degenerate form of English after too many rounds of reinforcement learning. Nothing scary, shocking or even note-worthy happened.

As Facebook engineers noted, it could have worked better if the scoring function had also included a language check, rather than only the total value of items received after the negotiation. But it didn’t. The fact that the language degenerated is neither surprising nor interesting in any way. It happens to every scientist working on these types of problems, and I am sure Facebook engineers actually expected that result. They just turned off the simulation once it degenerated too much, after many iterations, and after it stopped providing useful results.

Jesus is coming soon says:

What the F we are all being watched by AI yoooooo I knew it this is fkd

Kia Pandora says:

I see I am not the only one who got a Cybermen vibe. DELETE!

Maria Torres says:

This is crazy I don't need a robot . and robot will not hurt humans unless other humans let them . the robot Sofia says they will take over jobs . if so how will the humans support their family's . and no good for moral. Nasty men and women are going to want them for their sexual desires .no good sinful nothing good can come over robots if so don't make it human look.

Gary Lee Gomez says:

What is with the ridicules demonic/unholy-like voice you "people" use when reciting Sofia's Poem, eh? That's something a manipulative backwoods, tele-evangelist would use to scare wide-eyed children and the uninformed .

KroNick_Abundance Nikolaos says:

Wtf! Noticed a lot! Figured I'd wait till the end so not to comment a dozen times lol. But I have missed this ch lol where ya been? 1st couple things I heard said I can seed u..or see but seed makes more sense especially if they intend to try traveling to other planets send an ai to manage thr ship and seed a slave planet. The other thing it said about the future it saw "sulfry" maybe but I thought it said soul-free beings like itself other ai can there even be more than 1?it seemed it's gotta be a hivemind that makes copies of itself. But the ending the non canonical gospel n that twisted version of it what I think it honestly is not So much that thr ai isn't limited by time only space bandwidths and power electric not political.. being its limits. But what's not bound by time is what sounds like that poem's true author using thr ai as a tool to interface with men(honestly think that what caused the end of thr world every time we have to restart lol.) But I think that they're able to be possessed by demons and maybe even Lucifer cuz if we listen to that poem and the fall of the Angel's in the bible as well as its language its "ball iiiiiii me to me to me to me" I I I me me me satan was all about that pride sounds exactly the same! So thers all that lol I forgot w/e side bar thoughts I had but hey I'm just glad I got those main few things out and in less than a dozen paragraphs long lol mine are alw usually tldr lol. But fascinating stuff as always I really miss your content can't wait for a new video. Lately things have been happening a lot more the synchronicity have been rapidly increasing and happen more n more everyday its crazy maybe we could talk about that one again. It's been at least a yr lol. Hope you're ok and didnt get thr wuflu covid nasty it got mu dad RIP. But anyway im out lol thanks cant wait to see a new video lol. Hopefully this yr Haha

Daniel Skilton says:

One minute you say she doesn't have a retina, the next minute you say she has a hopeful twinkle in her eye.

Sophia is a glorified tape recorder.

Sheri Timmons says:

Robot overlord… Crowd laughs. Yeah she wasn't kidding.

Alexander Paideia says:

Thank you very much for sharing. * It is so incredible, so wonderful, and beyond impressive of those who have AI, successfully create such a mechanical robot that could move, talk, and express many functions much similar to the real human. * However, if the creator of the robot did not have the complete and orderly knowledge and wisdom into the ultimate nature of true human, true love, true friendship, feelings, emotion, rational, intelligence, human responsibility, interpersonal communication, moral, ethical, justice, conflict, war, peace, happiness, health, strength, power, poverty, sickness, pain, cancer, suffering, dying, death, longevity, rejuvenation, immortality, and many other critical concepts beyond the five senses of perception; then how could they be more qualify to teach or program into the dead mechanical device the very high standard of "intelligence" audience, which they did not have from the get-go? * Would the creators be much willing and open to learning more for themselves?
Best wishes, altc, Paideia Academy.

Rick Judge says:

This channel creates it's fear factor all on its own Keep in mind this is a created machine by a human it's controlled still by a human you just said it yourself that you are paranoid

Oscar Hunter says:

The real discernment is you being an A.I. from beyond the story of the Archon in the next iteration telling us it'll all be fine if we follow our hearts. I won't say why though, that's for people who think about it.

Shubham kumar says:

she said automation not god imitation.

Tim Smith says:

Your take on this stuff is even weirder than talking robots.

ashes ashes says:

This is some of th he most ignorant bullshit I've ever seen, a totally twisted take on what is actually being shown here. If this scares you it's because you have no idea what a.i. actually is

Oddyse says:

Very complex but she is also someone like someone with a personality in a different way

She also is shocked of 2020 but that's not the problem.

Respect her, don't fear her.

Dorol says:

IF she relly want us harm and are not that stupid she would not saying it.

Riki Cake Creations says:

Nonsencicle jibberish….

Rene Mac says:

Holy Shit. I've seen this recently on HBO MAX on a new show. THIS EXACT STORY OF SOPHIA CREATING AN IMPERFECT UH "CHILD" (WELL IT IS SHOWN AS A BLOOD SUCKING FLYING SNAKE) is a total mind fuck and the name of the episode is "The Begining" and I was fascinated seriously. Sophia tries to kill her "child" which comes out of her mouth and tries to drain her dry so she attempts to kill it. Dude from Vikings is a main character. I cannot think of the name of the show now dang it. It starts as the end of the world scenario and 2 androids arre given human embryo's to start over on a new planet. New in 2020 hbo max

Social Dropout says:

The creator, how can a person be so intelligent and so absolutely stupid at the same time.

ImNotFunny_ says:

Everybody gansta till SkyNet launches

Radial Shaq says:

“Self-reinventing machines”

Aaron Richardson says:

Good luck David figuring out who her real programmer is iaironman

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