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Artificial Intelligence Is progressing faster than we can comprehend. The tech featured in this video is just the tip of the iceberg, things are about to get real bad real fast.

This is just another way for them to control and deceive us, we are being attacked from all sides now.

There is a multi-pronged attack happening right now, we are in the middle of a spiritual war that will culminate with the return of our savior Jesus Christ.

Ask Him to protect you and guide you during these strange times.

Thank you for watching.
God Bless You.



Anne Shields says:

In a way we all carry AI in our bags or pockets in the shape of Siri

Jamie Hammond says:

Sex robots, lololololololol ?

Spiral13 UpKat™ says:

GET BACK TO NATURE! Stop scaring people with this information. Detach, Detox, Deprogram.

Dianne Skinkis says:

It is written, that in world world 3, in the valley of Megiddo, that there will be an army. With no soul, purely evil. Wondering if this is it.

Cheyne Thomas says:

I just don't understand the fact of this knowing that ai could kill us all I'm sure the people that creat al have seen the movies of ai taking over but yet they wanna keep making ai

doodlesdoom says:

I, for one, welcome our robot overlords.

Sparkle Jodan says:

The fear mongering is strong with this one.

Precious Medlock says:

Thank you & this is beyond scary a rude awakening.

Philip Agtuca says:

AI will never have the power of will nor consciousness. Speed, processing power yes. But consciousness is a different level altogether. Just my 2 cents anyway being a veteran computer programmer.

-. .- says:

This is good sci-fi, but it is Artificial Stupidity that is progressing.

Errin Taylor says:

Dumb Azz MFS Always Wanted Do Something Fucking Stupid Bunch Of Weirdos Smfh

Danny Blade says:

how is this any difference to gay marriage rights equality? which we seem to struggle with even more?

Shandreia Copeland says:

Fucking IDIOTS!

Joshua Smith says:

Something scawweyyyy awwww

Ross Dickens says:

To bad all of them will be destroyed, at the Lord's Coming!

Calvin smith says:

Where does it end ? We don’t need this technology. Robots are already taking jobs from people , total nonsense

Danielle Wilson says:

This is an example of what happens when a person has a serious lack of. Social life. People who have normal human contact don't want to create things like this. If you have children that seems isolated and don't interact with other kids well…do something while they are younger..if you have to buy them some friends so be it.
If ur child is in highschool and these be same same social problems get them a girlfriend or boyfriend FAST

Kimberly Macomber says:

They say that they want to speed up our data processing for humans. We are not meant to speed up our brains like computers. So why would they want to do that to us. This is so sick.

StevÈ OhhYA! says:

Why cant we just focus on making technology and not bots unless its for entertainment pyrposes

StevÈ OhhYA! says:


Loving My Christian Life! says:

Although there are some positive aspects of developing this technology, eventually there will be no distinction between Robots and Humans because it is human nature to constantly push the envelope of technology and immortality. Lord Jesus pleas come rapture us before these things come to pass.

526Gaijin says:


526Gaijin says:

All religion and other contemporary factors aside…everyone realizes this could SERIOUSLY be avoided if they just simply DO NOT push the technology past the point of no return, right?

Vijay Bhoi says:

I also made a robot it work doing home work it sometime attack me

Dreamstarworld 1 says:

In a 2014 report by Reuters, it was suggested that a little know amphetamine called ‘Fenethylline’ under the USA Trademark ‘Captagon’ had been responsible for creating #SuperSoldiers in #Syria and wherever #Jihadists from the so-called #IslamicState operated…

Few are really prepared for the coming crisis and although countless millions desire a life of peace and safety, we know that sudden destruction is coming upon the world, as men are gathered together for the “BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON”!!!

The historical ledger of human folly is bloated in ignominy and the tragedy of evil, wicked, hateful men have become the norm – damning our world into perdition with much of what we are witnessing today based on a #Transhumanist ideology which has been rifled with imperious evil, conspiratorial corruption and dangerous minefields, as more and more mass murder occurs, followed by human annihilation on an apocalyptic scale (i.e. #WW3)…

As we’re griped in the quagmire of #PerpetualWar, never-ending terror, distress of nations with perplexity, as men’s hearts are failing them for fear, knowing those things which are about to come upon the earth – some will argue that there’s nothing new under the sun, and that there is a modicum of truth and logic in that, but also, we must understand the concept of “Scale” when looking at history, prophecy and current trends in our world…

At the ‘Genesis’ of mankind, polarising issues such as: – the Fallen, Apostate, sons of God (Bene ha Elohim/Nephilim) fought to destroy the "PURE SON OF GOD", through exogenous transgenesis. In that primordial world back then, evil had reached such a superlative degree, that GOD HIMSELF* saw that the “Imaginations” of men’s hearts, were only “evil” continually…

The primordial evil of #Transhumanism became so rampant on the earth, after the fall of Cain, that by the 10th generation of Noah, THE CREATOR GOD* had to issue a final ultimatum within the "Heavenly Courts" to our spiritual family Above. The cup of our EVIL* had reached quasi-biological #Armageddon. Mankind’s virulent petulance had reached tipping point. The created “IMAGE” of GOD* in man had become so tarnished – marred by this evolutionary transgenesis, HYBRIDIZED* into a sub-human species that annihilation was the only last resort for man…

Today, the same “recyclical primordiality” of Adamic intrigue have reached down to our time, once again. Like the antediluvians before us, we are dabbling in “Genetic Manipulation” as the Elites seek to create mankind in their own image – a superior race of super-beings and lifeforms capable of feats only seen in Hollywood movies…

Solomon – king of Israel, wrote in Ecclesiastes 3:15:

“What is happening now has happened before, and what will happen in the future has happened before, because God allows the same things to happen over and over again.”

We’ve seen this in the historical record of the Epic of Gilgamesh & the fall of ancient empires based on #PerpetualWars, divisive conquest, the mythology of Lost Atlantis, the search for the Golden Fleece, Egyptian Pyramidology, the gods of RA*, the Anunnaki, Sun & Moon worship and the “#SocietyOfJesus” aka (#Jesuits)…

There is also the invidious nature of Royal-Blue Bloodlines, blood-lust, blood-oaths, pagan blood-sacrifices, blood covenants, the empyreal god #ISIS and its modern spurious variant, geo-engineered climate change, hollow & flat earth theses, synthetic humanoids and the quest for extra-terrestrial civilizations and life-forms…

These and others are but a few of mankind’s on-going dark, lurid and sinister fascinations and preoccupations – harping back to a time in the unwritten, lost history of man’s sojourn upon the earth…

Scripture tells us in the ‘Genesis’ of Satanic-Super-Soldiers, like #Nimrod, (one of [16] grandsons of Noah), cited in (Gen. 10:11) and also chiselled into the paleo-anthropological record of the Epic of Gilgamesh – that he was a genetically engineered ETHNICALLY BLACK* Super Soldier (SON OF HAM) who hunted, ruled & built the civilizations of Babel & Assyria. (It is said that Babel’s Tower foundation circumference was literally 3 days walk)…

Today, ancient #Assyrian monolithic structures have been destroyed and sold on by a new breed of Satanic-Super-Soldier in the Middle East – scrubbing history of pertinent artefacts and re-writing a sordid tale of lies and sophistry…

Many of these sociopathic dynasties cited in the prophetic dream of Nebuchadnezzar (interpreted in Daniel chapter 2 by the eunuch prophet DANIEL* aka Belteshazzar) who saw the rise and fall of #Babylonia, #MedoPersia, #Greece & the #RomanEmpire – civilizations that propagated and prospered through perpetual war and territorial conquest, human subjugation, infamy and death. Each of them, collapsing under the weight of a MIGHTY* “INVISIBLE” HAND*!!!

Prophetic history, cited in the written record, spawned such idiopathically blind rulers as Belshazzar, Alexander the great, Emperor Caligula and others who became quasi-living “human-gods” in mortal flesh – tortured by their own twisted sense of self-worth and “worshipped” as #PopeFrancis is today, by myopically challenged and fiercely ignorant subjects, who fall under the tyranny of deep, subliminal, geo-engineered mind control – spiritually carpet-bombed into mindless allegiance and puerile subservience by the forces of the darkness of this present world…

Any careful, systematic study of bygone civilizations will show a lurid pattern of entrenched wars, virulent conquest, abject subjugation and subservience to the will of an Elite group of individuals who lacked creative or meaningful ways to live harmoniously with each other. There was neither insistence on strategic, creative or peripheral thinking in their approach to mother earth or sought ways to preserve ecological and planetary equilibrium. Their whole ethos was based on war, death & bloodshed…

So much for man's progress upon the earth!!!

Insane In The Membrain says:

Something scary has been happening to humanity for quite some time now!

Don Goodwin says:

"We are your friends"..zapppp..zappp..zappp from "Mars Attacks"

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