Smart Monitoring and Predictive Analytics for Operations (OT) and Manufacturing

With digitization adopted in many industries, real-time data from manufacturing and operational equipment can be used to monitor and optimize operation – by applying data-driven modeling including machine learning. In this video you learn how you can automatically monitor equipment and connected devices, and apply predictive modeling to optimize operations (OT). With this approach, manufacturers and grid operators reduce downtime and save maintenance cost by scheduling equipment maintenance just when needed, connected consumer and wearable medical devices are monitored remotely, and transportation providers optimize operation of their fleets.

This video will cover:
– What is “Smart Monitoring” – related to “predictive analytics”, “industry 4.0”, “predictive maintenance”, and “preventive maintenance”
– Process for data-driven monitoring and optimization of OT and manufacturing equipment
– How Elastic supports ingesting process data, storage, analytics and machine learning in a single stack
– Which use cases other than manufacturing can benefit
– Why choose Elastic?

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