Smart Mirror with AI using Raspberry Pi plays youtube, news, controls nest, smart light etc.

DIY Smart Mirror with Google assistant using Raspberry Pi.
For Home automation and Entertainment.

“Hey Google” wake word in the video would trigger nearby Google home devices, please excuse me for this time. I will be cutting out that part from the coming videos.
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Displays weather, forecast, Nest Thermostat temperatures, Humidity, News Feeds, Commute time, Date, Calendar, Plays songs from youtube, spotify, read news, set timer, play games over voice, control NEST temperature, control smart plugs, smart lights, and more..

You can cast YouTube or smartphone videos to this mirror. Here is how it’s done, pls watch:

Will be posting building video soon.
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Get the following to start building yours,
Raspberry Pi 3 B.
LED TV/Monitor, I’m using a 39 inch 4K LED TV from seiki.
Two way Mirror. (Tap plastics is good)
Install Magic Mirror from GitHub.
GassitPi for voice control using google assistant api.
Speakers – is a good place to start looking.
Amplifier to power speakers (if needed).

Magic Mirror Modules used :


Youtube audio playback via mpsyt and custom script.