Smart Machines And What They Can Still Learn From People – Gary Marcus

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For nearly half a century, artificial intelligence always seemed as if it just beyond reach, rarely more, and rarely less, than two decades away. Between Watson, Deep Blue, and Siri, there can be little doubt that progress in AI has been immense, yet “strong AI” in some ways still seems elusive. In this talk, I will give a cognitive scientist’s perspective on AI. What have we learned, and what are we still struggling with? Is there anything that programmers of AI can still learn from studying the science of human cognition?


roschler says:

Do the people in 1957 still think it's going to take 16 to 20 years to get to strong AI? Or have they changed their opinion? In the interest of proper study validation, someone should go back to that year and ask them again to make sure they still hold that sentiment.

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