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What’s up #SecurityNinjas!

If you’re considering a degree in Cyber Security, please do the research on the program you’re considering.
Often times schools will advertise their awesome Cyber Security Major, and then it turns out to be a waste of time.

Links to well recognized Cyber programs:

Cyber Operations:

Cyber Defense – by state:

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Joie A says:

Thank you for the content. Do you know of any NSA accredited schools that are strictly online only? Thank you

Sumanth N S says:

Your voice makes you sound wise..cheers..keep up the good content

Johan_el_Rey says:

Bunch of fluff

Copper Media corporation says:

Thanks for the info and the channel
Very informative and helpful.

Pow Ranger says:

Samuel, great speaker! love your content.

J G says:

I got a cybersecurity and software development degree from UMUC. You will become a developer. You will not become a security-prepared professional. Mainly because they go over NIST framework requirements and 'fix' applications that have certain OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities….HOWEVER, you will have virtually NO knowledge of networking. Zip. Zilch. I don't think one can be a cybersecurity professional without networking knowledge. So, I'm working towards comptia network+ and security+ and OSCP now. I am a great developer, but no I don't feel it prepared me for cybersecurity.

Peter Griffin says:

I got my undergrad and graduate in criminology now going back to school for cyber security

Joel Borja says:

it really helps.. thanks alot..

Mostapha Oulhanafi says:

Hello my dear sir i love the way you explain the topic i have a quick question can i transision from trucking to cyber security i just bought my first laptop i like your chanel im subscribed keep on doing what you doing!!

dillon watts says:

Hey man! Just found your channel. Even though I'm already in the industry, your content is great! Keep it up!!

EpicNubie says:

3:44 #3 on the list ;). DSU Lets go

Trevor R says:

Talking to my local ISSOs/ISSMs they don't care if you have a degree as long as you have the certs and experience. That said, HR is who you need to convince first, not the hiring manager. My degree may as well be "underwater basket weaving" but it's the checkbox they want. My training outside of my degree is what actually landed me my first security related job.

Crow Zone says:

Thanks for the links, VERY helpful!

Bounthor Thor says:

How can I learn Cyber Security by myself? Because I know nothing about it (just a beginner but I want to learn.

Elyziah Reyes says:

Definitely struggled with if committing to the UTSA degree path was the right decision, but now I understand that having a concept of the business environment that you are protecting is really essential.  But self studying gives you the room to branch into what areas you are motivated to specialize in, so I'm grateful I chose my route

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