Shaping a brighter future with microelectronics

Imagine a future where we can stay connected, no matter our location.
Where data and information can be transferred faster and more reliably.
A future where digital health sensors help us live healthier lives.

VTT knows how to get us there.
We develop advanced microelectronics systems for faster, more reliable and more sustainable products and services.
By introducing high-performance piezo materials into 5G and 6G telecommunication components, we can enjoy enhanced streaming and phone calls.

Our integrated photonics solutions enable faster communications and state-of-the-art health and wellness sensor systems.
New, ultrathin 2D materials can be used in biosensing applications as well as new processors that advance artificial intelligence.

At VTT, we develop next-generation microelectronics and quantum technologies in our world-class research centre, Micronova. We have in-house pilot lines for semiconducting, integrated photonics, graphene and superconducting technologies.

And our doors are open for partnerships!