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Scary future predictions Elon Musk and Bill Gates.

Bill Gates and Elon Musk are well know for their predictions. 30 Million people will die every year is just one of the predictions from Bill Gates. Elon Musk thinks we will be living on Mars. In this video we show you some of the most crazy predictions from Bill Gates and Elon Musk that could actually happen sooner than you think, some of which could end human life on earth.
Electric self-driven cars will be everywhere but are electric cars a thing from the future? Inside we show you why they’re a thing from the past.
Artificial Intelligence is constantly evolving but could it keep evolving without our control? Elon Musk has some insane predictions, we show you what he predicts and what could happen if it does come true. Either way, life on earth in 20 years time will be nothing like it is today if these scary predictions come true.

Which of the Bill Gates or Elon Musk predictions do you think will come true or let us know in the comment section what predictions that you know about and we don’t.

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Scary future predictions from Elon Musk and Bill Gates. Thank you for watching scary predictions from Elon Musk and Bill Gates



Elias Barron says:

Bill gates believes everybody should have to work around him and his industry's.

SAY IT HOW IT IS 777 says:


The mighty King Jesus says:

There future will end bad when jesus christ returns

Asap Informative says:

How do you edit your videos, may I ask please?
The voice and bgm and the video, please?
Btw, this was a video which was surely like bright side.
Great work, any help would be appreciated please.

saintpeter 13 says:

I think anyone can make a prediction when they have the money to create it !

Serene Sounds says:

The future does look scary

86 At-Tariq 36 says:

I think they wanne create a vaccine that make people unware and make them rage on a cannabalistic way with nano technology a way to control human population with A.I.
Its not possible in mine eyes to burn everyone or that hospitals can help because of the high pressure on total deaths and sick persons after they got the vaccine i heard that the vaccine make everyone sick and make the infection more worse.
They made already a vaccine with nano technology so its possible to massure how maney people got the vaccine and maybe to see how maney people will die after that people are against to each other or die because of the vaccine in mean while the elite will hiding under ground or go to a safe place where they can check how many people are left or died. Also they will protect some of percentage of people to reboot the earth to recycling cars etc.
And for the survivals of little percentage that are infected or not they will use kind of gas maybe remote shut down off the brain by using A.I with out any destruction of nuclaire rampage.
Maybe thats why Elon musk sends satelites in to space for one world web connection where people are connected
A fact is that are to many people on the earth and that give a affect on the world wide economic system and global warming plays a role there is not so much time left the coming of acient destruction that is written down.for the humankind
They wanne create a new genisis of human evolution with A.I. to control the world and human race for they own will.

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krm398 says:

the reason it will be so easy for robots to take jobs away is simple….many thousands , even millions of people don't want to work. or if they do work they want big bucks for doing next to nothing. yes you need to eat, have a home and medical coverage, but how much is labor really worth? Probably not more the 12 bucks an hour…ever…so if you hate books computers and learning, then move into the woods and hunt or fish for a living in some cardboard box or plastic shed, because to make a good living, education will be a must. OR a machine that needs no vacation days, sick days or maternity leave will replace you, and be cheaper.

Nora Cawley says:

Bill Gates is the devil

Paul Anderson says:

Robots will be taking our jobs, they already are!

Entertainment says:

Worried about future

Exclusive Malta From the UK Wedding Planner says:

AI is going to cause a bug problem

Love Our Travels xx says:

Great video, the future is a scary place

Best vids says:

The world is definitely going to change with ever growing technology

R L says:

Great video, again!

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