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Learn from experts how to succeed with AI and automation. Watch the full recording of UiPath Live!

Get to know how to automate SAP with UiPath.



UiPath says:

Learn from experts how to succeed with AI and automation. Watch the full recording of UiPath Live!

Michal Nowakowski says:

This tool is more complicated and slower than using standard Gui Scripting, but it is better to share knowledge between teams (less coding, good UI)… Everything has his pros and cons, SAP is still a complicate ERP software to automate

manjesh kumar says:

It helped a lot.

Salima TAHIR AB says:

Thank you so mush for share 🙂

Dinh Diep says:

you can make video automation SAP PORTAL with UIPATH?


Hi, can you also help to do a video on automate open SAP application ?

naveen kumar says:

You can use vbscript to automate sap which is more relaiable and you can do anything with that

naveen kumar says:

Sap is more easy to automate with sap gui scripting

Philipp Kowalski says:

Amazing tutorial. Really gave some good insights into basic SAP automation. I wonder if there is a chance to get a video of similar quality about creating records (in whatever business context) in SAP, eg. creating a personal record or a sales order or something similar?

samarth kulkarni says:

Can we automate multiple session of SAP at same time??

Songpon Phusing says:

in production database, SAP block user defined scripting this video will not be work

Ouma Ronald says:

Love it, how would you automate Password reset for SAP and AD?

Krzysztof Chris says:

This would be a good training, if it would not teach people bad habits like using the recorder….

Ashok says:

How do we automate SAP Business Client? Because of some security policies, we cannot use SAP Logon and we are asked to use SAP Business Client instead (NWBC.exe). But UiPath doesn't recognize the elements.

pankaj mulla says:

where i can get the dummy sap login for practice please help

Junior Fumi says:

00:00 – Introduction
01:02 – Enable Gui Scripting
02:14 – Sap Automation – Login
05:20 – Sap Automation – PA10
08:00 – Buttom show whit focus
12:20 – Tables
16:08 – Check – Box
17:50 – Resume

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