Samsung AI Ecobubble™ Washing Machine: Simple. Gentle. Intelligent Wash.

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Introducing the Samsung AI Ecobubble™ washing machine. It has Artificial Intelligence built-in, which makes it smart enough to learn your laundry habits and suggest you appropriate laundry cycles. While AI makes your washing easy, Ecobubble™ ensures the gentlest of washes. The future of washing machines is here. #Ecobubble #Samsung

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Arjun Tanneru says:

Do we need Rat mesh for this….


I bought a Samsung EcoBubble wash machine 3 years ago, so far I changed Drain Pump 2 times, Electronic board one time, water inlet valve one time. It brought me bigger trouble and money waste. A poor quality product.

E says:

They’re garbage

E says:

Samsung is even more worse than whirlpool

Priya Malhotra says:

I have a samsung washing machine 💗

anime_Land 321 says:

Please give me free i do anything 🙏

Marcelo Gabriel says:

How about a house that is controlled by phone

Technical Support says:

Poor service by Samsung, lg is best brands

Technical Support says:

Don't waist money, choose any other brand , i purchased a refrigerator from Samsung shop app its delivered defective 1 month ago many time i complaints but no any resolution provided by Samsung, purchase Samsung product was my mistake, # Ticket No -1991460

Adwin creation says:

Samsung Ai ecobubble
Price 42000 in Bangalore

himanshu dronkar says:

Price of eco bubble and it's availability plz tell

Jayesh Ameta says:

Wahhh bhaii waahhhhhh ………………. Samsung is awsooommmmm and always incredible


I like it samsung.
I writed this comment on my "galaxy J5"

Sanket Sharma says:

Yes&brilliant information & Thanks for information Samsung company 😀😀😃😃😄👎🙃🙃👍👍👍

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