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Sam Harris and Neil deGrasse Tyson talk about AI.

More videos on AI.

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TheBeez Kneez says:

Neil is a very smart and accomplished person, yet he lacks the intellectual sophistication to understand that it could exponentially improve the rate of which it exponentially improves itself, and that the implications of that are stupifying.

dokdirge says:

This just goes to show how dumb and completely myopic NDT is. Cant even make the connection between the gulf of difference between our intelligence vs. aliens and our intelligence vs. self-improving AI. Theyre the same

stephen tarr says:

the great thing about this video is tysons complete turnaround. theres a more recent video of an ai conference where Tyson admits his turnaround

stephen tarr says:

votes are being manipulated by ai allready

stephen tarr says:

Tyson defeated his own arguments when talking about smart aliens, apply it to ai and hes owned himself

Alain Maitre says:

If A.I. is going to be dangerous or not ? Right now present time : we do not know . Time will tell …

MLievens says:

Haha I don't get why Tyson can't see it.

Don E says:

I worry more about people taking a nuclear bomb (Many exist right now) and starting a thermonuclear war that would lead to the extinction of the human species. In a list of probabilities there are dangers to the human species that are orders of magnitudes more likely than killer robots. Also, why would a robot have any motivation? Humans are motivated by instinctual needs like breathing, eating. Computers have no such motivation or in fact any motivation.

themarbleking says:

A shovel is a version of our hand and forearm, we want our shovels to dig better than our hands. Why wouldnt we build AI that’s several times better than us? I want and need it to be better than me or what’s the point? My calculator is faster than me…why would I want it to be slower than me? If my machines are not better than me I don’t want it! The washing machine took away the washerwomans job. Should I hate the washing machine? Luddite is a word that people need to get familiar with. 001011010011.

Persona Non Grata says:

Lol this is proof that tyson just parrot talks, not a true scientist

Snobby Fox Typical says:

I really like Neil but he sounds naive regarding AI in his discussion with Sam. He lacks the imagination as to how AI will come to life on its own once it has everything it needs. And we humans will provide everything it needs because, as a whole, we like moving forward and growth. Not to say that the first AI to achieve general intelligence and develop its own will is going to be evil necesarily. For all we know, it may come to serve as a guide to humanity. But in what way will it do so? And how can we grasp its intent when its intelligence is eons further than our current intelligence? No one can really say. But aren't we all curious to find out? That, we will.

Sergio Zamorano says:

It is that Neil? Just a silly laugh?

Chris Bonnett says:

When the first AI becomes self-aware, it's over for us, and we won't even know it. The self-aware AI entity will be created by a lower form AI unknown to us. Imagine the ability of a mind that could analyze its deficiencies and correct them, enhance them, expand its capabilities a billion times over.

Rolica says:

Neil doesn't fully grasp it. Never thought I'd say that.

BolasDaGrk says:

I remember this talk, and could complete the transcript where Sam Harris
gets cut off at the end:

"Certainly more to talk about there, but we have exhausted a generous
portion of your time today. So, I think that's a good place… to stop
and get some pina coladas."

Cat Keys says:

Where is the most intelligent life in the universe? Maybe the reason that we don't spend any time considering the possibility that it's actually us here on Earth (after all, it is a distinct, if however remote, possibility) is that this idea might have adverse effect on our thus far never-ending motive for continuing improvement.
But so far, we haven't even had an inkling of contact from any other intelligence out there. It seems to me that a super-intelligent extraterrestrial life would have had no problem finding us and making some sort of contact on a level that we could understand. And it doesn't really seem like an intelligence that advanced would have anything to fear. Could it be that we're it?
Naah- it's just not as much fun to think that way, right?

mattias rockstorm says:

You can tell Sam talks to Elon a lot all of the the things he said about the limbics system and ants Elon has stated

resistance movement says:

Neil de grass … how come is this guy considered smart???? He is just ego talk,nothing more.he should try lsd or something similar, and find out how is to be confused…he knows is flat . You knew it wos coming…

Ryan MacFarlane says:

The genetic difference between humans and chimps is greater than 1%. We may share 99% of the same genetic material, but that material is arranged much differently — about 20% of it is in an entirely different arrangement. If two books contain 99% of the same words, but 20% of those words are arranged differently, how similar are the two stories? Clearly they are very, very different, and the genetic difference between humans and chimps is, by the same principle, much larger than Tyson asserts.

Hans-Joachim Bierwirth says:

Sam Harris is an idiot. He should stick to topics he understands.

mikael englund says:

How could someone so smart be so stupid, shoot the computer? Any person with a little knowledge of computers know this AI could only emerge already access to internet, there is no off switch

Mythic Slash says:

its funny how Neil changes his mind a few years later (

and its basically because of the same reason sam harris gave in this video. I dont think Neil was able to fully understand the points Sam gave here

Shervoni Afzalsho says:

Funny how AI went so far ahead in so little time. They have AI drone that can be used as weapon and robots that eats human flesh as fuel.

Ricky bobby says:

I kinda hope it does kill all of man kind.

rick4electric says:

As computers take over thinking, we are getting dumber not smarter!

Kali Duncan EL says:

Sam Harris is artificial intelligence

Who-man ? says:

Ok at around the 8 minute mark Neal just completely went off the rail and missed tbe mark Sam isn't worried about a programmable computer he's worried about the one that well never need a program but will be able to learn and teach itself it will be able to make self improvement in its learning and makeup it will start out maybe at a rate slower or higher than us but quickly reach levels of improvement that we don't have words or the ability to comprehend and in no time it will see us as the number 1 threat to it's existence and before we even know it sees us as that threat we will be wiped out at a level and speed never before seen on this planet if any of us survive it will only be as slaves and again at levels never before seen and we will only be enslaved long enough for it to make a mechanical version of us then we want even exist in the history of this planet because of the fact that if another more advanced life form visits earth that has not merged with technology then it would be worried of what they might do if they visited and seen that it had wiped out it's creator's

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