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🔥Intellipaat RPA course:
In this RPA tutorial for beginners video you will learn what is Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and the various tools which can be used to implement the RPA technology. RPA training is in much demand these days so we have come up with this video where we will show you how to create RPA programs using the UiPath Tool. So this RPA UiPath tutorials video is your one stop video for the basic rpa concepts required to get started with this technology.
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📝Following topics are covered in this RPA tutorial for beginners video:
Why RPA – 0:44
What is RPA – 4:01
Automation v/s RPA – 5:36
RPA Tools – 11:04
Introduction to UiPath – 14:23
Hands-on (Our first RPA Program) – 18:13
Working of Orchestrator – 27:47
How to create an object – 59:41
Logging in application – 1:49:36

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Why should you watch this Robotic Process Automation video?

Robotic Process Automation is being heralded as one of the booming industries in today’s digitally-driven economy. Every industry including banking, finance, Information Technology can immensely benefit from the RPA industry. We are offering the top RPA tutorial that can be watched by anybody to learn RPA. Our What is Robotic Process Automation video has been created with extensive inputs from the industry so that you can learn RPA easily.

Who should watch this What is Robotic Process Automation training video?

If you want to learn RPA to master Robotic Process Automation and work on different tools in RPA, deploy the UiPath tool and work on UiPath Studio, then this Intellipaat explanation on RPA is for you. This Intellipaat RPA tutorial is your first step to learn RPA. Since this RPA video can be taken by anybody, so if you are a Software engineers, software testing & IT professionals can take this online RPA training. If you want to make the best of the boom in RPA market then this RPA tutorial is for you.

Why should you opt for a RPA career?

Learning RPA will help you master all the skills needed in order to work on Robotic Process Automation using UiPath in the organization. You will grab the best jobs in top MNCs after finishing Intellipaat rpa online training. The entire Intellipaat’s RPA course is in line with the industry needs.There is a huge demand for RPA certified professional. The salaries for RPA professional are very good.

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Intellipaat says:

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Dimitry Unrain says:

Between the accent and constant voice chopping, I almost threw up. Had to stop a few times to take a break from that. Dude you can't fix your accent, but you can fix your mike.

Googol Data says:

Dude WTF! this explanation is next level and way way way better than Udemy courses 🙂 you guys should charge on udemy, I'll buy your courses man

Ritesh Kapse says:

Tutorial was very good .

Those who are looking for more real life applications completed projects for reference and try and play with code can find them here :

Automating Notepad

Cloth recommendation as per city entered by user.

Capturing the data from GUI desktop and generating excel sheets.

Solving automation challenge (

Scrapping Real estate data from internet

Data scrapping from PDF

Data scrapping from OCR

Email Automation using UiPath

Krishan Bandara says:

Great Video

sir sandy says:

[June 28/2020] Want to Join Free Live Webinar On UiPath RPA Which is Absolutely No Coding From Industry Expert & Get Free Ebook click here:

Gopal Krishna says:

Hello Sir, How to automate the mobile application remote desktop application. I see for desktop applications we have Computer vision concept but for automating the mobile remote desktop app what we have to do ? please let me know

David S says:

With absolutely no prior experience, how long should I expect to achieve a RPA developer level and not just a RPA user level.

sai reshma a says:

Who would add all those activities ? If there is no available activity what should we do ?? Where is coding involved here ?

Fernando Rodriguez says:

just what i wanted.. Great guys. keep ongoing..  🙂


Bro caption

prabhat bisht says:

I wish trainer could be better or upload new video as this gives insights of faculty

Jayasudha Rajendran says:

Hi.. if I created 10 activity and want to delete the second one how can I do that

vinoth E says:

You deserve more subscribers

Saurabh Pal says:

I don't think this is a good way of automating stuff I may be wrong but UI keeps changing every day specially colors and all and you are using image as reference just like in Sequally this will fail more frequently than coding stuff and creating the locators manually plus many things do not work straight away in automation like drag and drop, lick and all manier times we have to handle the code using JavaScript and AutoIT and all stuff that is what my experience of automation till now says but only time can tell who is right.

Aashish Jha says:

Please provide ppt/pdf of this lecture on email id-


Hi….is RPA tools like UI pathblueprism and automation anywhere licensed tools? I don't have any knowledge regarding this but i want to learn RPA.I need your guidance.Plzz help me with this as i am recently came to canada….i want to shift to RPA form testing

Dasun Kanchana says:

Thanks for this video. it's very helpful. learn what are the open source rpa platform: @ktzk


Actually i am from Non IT. Now i want to move to IT field, so i was searching for the courses which are easy to learn for Non IT background people. This video helped me a lot.. Its very easy to understand..

Abhishek Ghosh says:

Content very good. Teaching skills of the trainer needs to be improved a lot

MrSakethsai says:

I couldn't able to download the free software, as per your instructions I have entered the link which given to download at the start then it doesn't shows to fill the form as you shown in the video… Please suggest me @intellipaat

Anshul Sharma says:

Does UI path provides any other language bindings apart from .Net for creating custom activities ?

TECHNOGEEKS - Data Science, Python, Hadoop, AWS, Selenium, ETL training Institute Pune says:

Thank you for sharing the Video. The data that you provided in the scanning services is informative and effective.

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