RPA Setup for Microsoft Power Automate Desktop

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Make automation more accessible so you can focus on what’s important. From code-free automation to your everyday processes in Microsoft teams, the new Power Automate Desktops Robotic Process Automation (RPA) capabilities expands UI automation across a broader spectrum of legacy apps and your favorite web browsers.

Automation is no longer only referring to IT automation. As more of what we do every day is digital, automation can apply to almost any process or task. Whether it’s an approval process across the stakeholders, or data entry between different apps, there’s nothing stopping you from automating many of the things that you do every single day. With Power Automate, part of the Microsoft Power platform, you can do digital process automation for any task or business process.

Host Jeremy Chapman is joined by Stephen Siciliano, PM Director for Power Automate, who shows the many options for automating repetitive tasks:
Everyday processes in your Microsoft 365 apps
Win32 apps
Web apps across browsers

00:00 – Introduction
03:00 – Demo RPA for Legacy App
05:08 – New Power Automate Desktop
08:39 – How to test the automation
10:02 – Automation in a web app in browsers
12:23 – How to track what’s been automated
12:58 – Closing notes

► Link References:
Learn more and get started at https://www.powerautomate.com
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Inner Threat Circus says:

do you have to install power automate to each browser of end users that are doing this?

Hans Nagel says:

Awesome work. I've been dreaming of this kind of tool for about 20 years.

Qusay Sultan says:

Pardon me , but what if the legacy app is somehow closed the RPA detect that and open the app

Aldina Goncalves says:

OH YEAH.. This is amazing! Will be doing some damage 🙂

Robert Batres says:

This is some really neat stuff that is mind blowing! great job and cant wait to get my hands on it!

BE says:

Very cool, make it easy for those who don't care too much for programming. This reminds me of if then statements.

David Adams says:

As I watched this I actually said out loud, "Wow". That doesn't happen often. Well done, Microsoft, and a great demo guys. Really no excuse for businesses not to pivot to these new digital offerings.

STKL Family Channel says:

Awesome stuff

digipunk says:

Mind blown! This looks pretty cool, I can’t wait to sit down and play around with it.

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