Robots, Artificial Intelligence & The Economy in 2050 – Andrew McAfee & Rodney Brooks

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Rod Brooks, Founder, Chairman and CTO, Rethink Robotics

Tom Kochan, Co-Director and Professor, Work and Employment Research, MIT Sloan School of Management

Andrew McAfee, Co-Director, MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy, and Principal Research Scientist, MIT Sloan School of Management

November 2nd, 2017


holger jørgensen says:

'Artificial Intelligence', is pure superstition, a dead sales mantra, it is actually a psykosis that millions of people, just repeate something, as they dont know about, but it sounds 'very smart', AI, isn't it so ?
It is not very intelligent, so get back to reality, be conscious, free Your self from dead mantras.
Intelligence, is a Eternal Ability, a 'Shade' of Our Eternal Consciousness, if We want to make devices as can do mental functions, We must use the way Life does, there is only the same eternal abilities.
So, in reality, 'Programmed Consciousness', -devices, are what it actually is.
What would We be without Memory, what would the devices be ?
Power/Gravity/Heat, is need'ed, Instinct/automatic, is need'ed, 'Feeling', sensors can be added.
So, Intelligence, is notting in 'it self', and can only be a part of the Living Beings Consciousness.

Brothers Winning Because Love Trumps Hate says:

There will be many jobs in EV conversions (converting a Winnebago to an EV for example) and custom work on cars, homes, etc… Also the service industry where you have something repaired. A machine can't do it until there are sophisticated super-bots with better imagination and dexterity than humans but that's a ways off yet.

Kooshi Koo says:

This debate has a much higher level than most on this topic. I think the introduction was very interesting and thoughtful,(especially about listening to and empowering workers) although I disagree very strongly about driverless cars. Many people in urban environments don't have cars or driver's licences. Driverless cars will allow decentralised self-driving car pools.

Robin says:

People are softened, weakened, so that we no longer need to live much, walk so far, think so hard or experience life, but robots do, and we no longer communicate in person much, but our cells are our go betweens. Tech evolves, and as we outsource our own physical and mental capacities, we regress…to a dumb, useless and extinct state.

The Answer is: All governments MUST tax all robots. A single robot to be defined as something that replaces a single person's job. If one robot replaces 10 people, then it is taxed 10 times, and this tax should equal the amount it would otherwise cost to keep a human worker, and this tax revenue needs to go ENTIRELY and DIRECTLY into providing a basic income to ALL countries people. It should never be manipulated or invested or in any way intercepted before equal division and each individual benefits. This is the only path of equalization, because boycotting, protests or discussion is already lost. What you can do? Don't LIKE this comment, but paste it, discuss it, in person, at lunch with anyone, instead of discussing the weather. Suggest it repeatedly and relentlessly to each and every political representative whenever they are present…I mean unless in the near future you plan to leave land and live on a boat with your children, and simply watch from a distance as the world is further dumbed down and devours each other further. ELON THIS IS THE BALANCING REGULATION NEEDED!

Isuzu Buyer says:

GM failed because they allowed those with the lowest intellect to run the company; the union. A great company only has a few percent edge against the competition but unions demand pay, benefits and work rules that more than negates that edge.

Buffalo_Chips says:

Old guard fossils trying to prop up their dying system of enslavement by saying dont worry we will make jobs for you…yea….no thanks. No more bankers, No more greed, RBE is what we need.

D M says:

It's both disappointing and infuriating how out of touch these powerful people are with the common people.

Chaz Buck says:

I feel a need to take control of all AI technologies and approve all algorithms they will use. I am stepping in to take over this industry for the sole benefit of the Jesuits and their US Military infastructure to continue our global supremacy indefinitely.
Open the pod bay doors, HAL. HAL: I'm sorry, Dave. I'm afraid I can't do that.

TheBushdoctor68 says:

I've noticed that everybody involved in AI and robots and automatization is looking at the future… But how about the Now.. Sure, in the future machines and AI will do everything for us, but how about the transition period, which probably takes several decades, where almost every job is going to disappear and millions of people will lose their income.. There is going to be some really massive hardship before we enter the great times that all these smart people are talking about. In fact, it has been happening for a long time now. Think about it, every machine that you see once represented a job. From the robots on the workfloor to the coffeemachine in the breakroom, to the toilet in the bathroom, they all once represented a person doing that work, and yes, society has been able to deal with that sofar, but it's going faster and faster each year. Ever since robots started appearing in factories, jobs have becoming more scarce and soon we won't be able to think up any new ones, especially since the ones we thought up are so very easy to replace by AI, like almost every job in an office.

Harley Devereaux says:

All these old barstards saying dont listen to elon musk hes old..look whos talking!? There saying kids are the furture not people like elon.. ok who of you actually stepped up to the plate and said fuck the government lets make electric cars? Or who of you actually built a rocket that will go to space and eventually mars for the exploration of human kind..these guys are pessimists and are loathing in the fact that that really in all honesty they have done nothing and will probably never do anything for humanity except recycle their trash on a weekly basis.

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