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Artificial General Intelligence or short AGI was commonly referred as Strong AI. The continues advancements in robotics are also spurring the development of AGI. Currently we only have narrow AI or weak AI. But robots are paving the way for strong AI. In the future, robots might possibly become smarter than us or at least, reach human level intelligence. The field of robotics has seen many improvements over the years, as artificial intelligence systems continue to get better. Machine intelligence is a trendy topic among computer scientists and other relevant researchers on the field. As robots continue to get better, concerns for the rise of a superintelligence or an artificial general intelligence that could have different goals from ours, is increasingly getting the attention of computer scientists and lay people alike. We have often seen works of science fiction where robots and AGI have malicious intent. However, things could go really bad fur us even if initially these intelligent machines are programmed to obey human orders and follow our values. As a machine continues to improve itself by modifying it’s own source code, it could lead to an intelligence explosion. A point of time often referred as a technological singularity. Where it becomes hard if not impossible to predict future trajectories of the AI in question. As of the year 2017, there are over 40 organizations focused on the development of AGI. As we’ve said many times before, today’s AI is narrow. However the field of robotics is accelerating the rise of AGI and we will possibly witness a truly general AI in our lifetimes.

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When does a machine become a robot and a robot become a human? – J.D. Fencer



Science Time says:

Hal and the crew were actually traveling to Jupiter, not Mars. Thanks for the input Andrew

Blank says:

Why would a robot need to use an iPad xD

GameWithAdam says:

What if robots don't recognise augmented humans as "humans"

I am a Tarot Card says:

Smith is not wrong though just saying

Nicolas Kean says:

I wanna get a NAO and program him as to be as close as I could get to C-3P0

Rob Basque says:

Best video yet that said the truth “Artificial GENERAL Intelligence may decide to alter or even delete code humans write into its programming” There will need to be a way for humans to control it or we lose control of our destiny.
Do we truly want to make Artificial General Intelligence with human randomness ? Humans have trouble deciding on anything.

a says:

Computer will be invincible

If the prerequisite conditions are guaranteed in the environment

No different from other scientific laws

Blackly says:

So AI will be patriotized by each respective nation.

Laddimor Tzortzinis says:

Nao looks and acts an awful lot like the Japanese asimo.

Griff Griff says:

See how they can help humanity 💡😁💕🕵️‍♂️ with the help of our intelligence, we will always be one step ahead if good people will always be, if in doubt TED it. 🤣🕵️‍♂️

Griff Griff says:

The answer is no, now what’s the question, they can guide but never lead. 3 laws 🤣🙏😇💡🥳🙅🏼‍♂️🕵️‍♂️

Mobile gaming Is Fucking Gay says:

Cant wait for some company ai to control every aspect of my life and ruin the internet with mass surveillance :333

Heaven 42 says:

Every Robots must have no less than 2 Brains ,do yo know why. They can also make you psychic and wake patients Up out of comas. Good luck to all the Robots. Hahaha

richard profit says:

I have yet to hear (from any source) an explanation of why humanity NEEDS artificial intelligence…Is it just that we want machines to do EVERYTHING for our lazy asses? Or our childish fascination with gadgets? It's like crack or crystal meth – EVERYBODY knows it will mess up their life and control them , but millions go ahead and start doing it anyway. This is NOT the solution to our problems. We still don't know how to control dictators, greedy billionaires, and drug cartels…What makes anyone imagine this will be controlled by the public? It will be used to control us , NOT for the "common good". WHO DO YOU TRUST WITH THIS KIND OF POWER ???

Izabella Melquiades says:

I don't wanna tô Love, nevermore

Charlie Baby says:

boston dynamics, now owned by google, began ending their military contracts during the acquisition 7 years ago…. in 2013 to please investors and to allign with the companys motto, dont do evil.

military investment in big dog was completely abandoned in 2015 as darpa concluded the machine was simply "too noisy"

big dog now has just ultimately provided working knowledge towards the development of a smaller , publicly available system referred to as spotmini and big dog now acts only as a statue, and motionless symbol of boston dynamics achievements, and sits in their front lobby.

(the more you know, before spreading incorrect information)

Tobias Hight says:

Make a dog not a God

Tobias Hight says:

Tell ai cant trespass (if),death happened by accident then the wait wont make it heavy to carry

Tobias Hight says:

Round world curve still there

Tobias Hight says:

Left foot bigger than right

SpiderWeb says:


Jerry Bender says:

Hal was NOT a robot obviously… nor was he just a super computer. He it was definitely wired in to all the ships systems so he was in fact possessed of senses and feedback loops Haptic and thermo for example had eyes and ears like a bot via his many integrated systems.
So what can we call it being more than a robot more than an integrated computer system? Well how about a SpaceBot or a Digital Commander maybe its a Halbot or a Shipbot?? lf you got sumthing snappier or better please have at it–

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