Robots and technologies of the future: Top 10 coolest startups from Japan

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Robots and technologies of the future: Top 10 cool startups from Japan. Technologies of the future. The coolest robots.
Japan is one of the leaders in robotics and today we will talk about the top 10 coolest robots and technologies created by startups in the Land of the Rising Sun + bonus – the new robot Toyota! In this issue:

1. Connected Robotics – standalone machines: robot chef and robot ice cream maker.
2. Preferred Networks – artificial intelligence and deep training.
3. Softbank Robotics – humanoid robots NAO, Romeo and Pepper.
Recall that Boston Dynamics is also owned by Softbank Corporation. And what Atlas from Boston Dynamics can do, see our hint in this issue.
4. PARO Therapeutic is an interactive robot companion.
5. Telexistence Inc. – robot avatar.
6. PLEN Robotics – portable robot assistant The Cube.
7. Ascent Robotics – software and artificial intelligence for autonomous cars and drones.
8. ZMP – robots for a warehouse.
9. LifeRobotics – industrial robots.
10. Mujin – controllers for robots.

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sebastian de la Vega says:

Telexistence Inc. – robot avatar. … if that works as prommised than its really cool

sebastian de la Vega says:

we also build a humanoid robot called #bob … if you like robots check it out on instagram @contactnavarra

The Propaganda says:

Robots drones that use VR controls for working in space and on the moon

Yoga Andoyo Aji says:

You forgot about lovot robot.

Ninja 87 says:

A drone swarm that will work in unison, wheeled ground units with long flight air units, and supplemented with short flight air units for incident response.
That's what I need. In other words, property surveillance, by ground (wheeled) and air (fixed wing), with supplement support (increased camera coverage both number and angles-rotary wing)
All gathering data and reporting back to a central station. When someone steals a $4,000 head of cattle once every other week, you start losing sleep.

FIX7SERU says:

India street food crying watch this

Gruzovik says:

Больше англ контента плиз

Gruzovik says:


Adel Al Ammadi says:

I like the food prep robots

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