Robotic Process Automation with Microsoft Power Automate, UI flows and AI Builder

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Automatically process complex tasks such as invoicing with Microsoft Power Automate. You’ll see how to automate your invoice approval processes, infuse intelligence, and integrate your legacy apps in just a fraction of the time using Power Automate and its new robotic process automation capabilities alongside AI Builder, which are all part of the Microsoft Power Platform.

Learn more about the Power Platform on our recent show with Charles Lamanna

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John G says:

Thanks in a million. Great stuff.

Ranmali Senarathna says:

Can this be used for SAP??

Pranjal Shukla says:

Hi, I am not getting predict CDS.

Ajay Kumar Yadav says:

Superb sir, I amazed

Luiz Gabriel says:

This is HUGE!

Gr8Dane78 says:

Amazing video, thanks. Making these videos with real-life scenarios helps a lot when looking for inspiration. And also, where can we buy those hoodies ?

Sravan Kumar says:

UI flow is incredible 💪👌

ToughEnergy says:

this looks much easier than many RPA tools, and also cheaper

Mark Harby says:

What happens if the RPA engine doesn't recognise the invoice, can we branch and force human intervention/training steps ?

Kundan Singh says:

Can this detect fields from a scanned document sent as pdf ?

Chatham Rajesh says:

This is really cool… Does this work with all kind of terminals?

Test Automation TV says:

I work at a US insurance company, there are many processes which can benefit from automation triggered by emails. Of course there are pdf attachments. Can we tinker the recordings created by the UI recorder of they're not very reliable?

Andreas Appel says:

Did i understand it right when I'm thinking a server can be assigned to this automation or is this limited to the current client having to release the control of the computer momentarily? Great video

Hongming Tenjyon says:

It's nice!

Theerayooth Kosin says:

Awesome!!! 👏

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