Robotic Process Automation (RPA): how does it work?

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This demo shows how a process such as the creation of invoices is executed by an RPA tool. You will see how routine activities can be easily performed by the RPA tool based on pre-defined rules. The tool used in this demo is Blue Prism.


Jack manson says:

What BI technologies do you use?

Thompson Thong says:

This RPA concept is more like a re-branding of Year 2000 "business rules / workflow integration engine"

Shailesh Parab says:

How is it different from any test automation tool which are being used since ages for automating test cases/ scenarios ?

Aaron Evans says:

Without inflexible systems in place you could just replace Excel and SAP and achieve the total solution with less effort than the RPA automation.

Tom Jarrett says:

Leading RPA apps extremely complicated & cumbersome? Have a look at a simple and free automation app that I've created, RoboIntern:

Excel, Access, Word, emails, databases a number of other things are covered with it – Hope it helps!

Jeebun Aryesh says:

This task can be automated in sap only without blue prism. Then why increasing the automation cost by including Blueprism in it?

aun manoi says:

Need pple to prepare input ?

surendar suren says:

can u explain in detail in this invoice processing .. u mean end to end

Gorilla Jones says:

Can't wait for CEO/CTO/CIO positions to be replaced by a software robot.

sushanti babar says:

As I m fresher so,Do we need to learn programming for RPA?

Alvin Morogo says:

RPA is the future for sure… I am a RPA developer myself…

Entrepreneur says:

Hi! Where do you get those Excel templates @ 01:37 from? Thank you!

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