Robotic Process Automation (RPA) bots in action

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In this demo, see how an RPA bot can free employees from highly repetitive, manual tasks. An account opening process is used as an example. Learn more about IBM Robotic Process Automation a


Black MarkIT says:

Thank you! This is great!

Famo M says:

Copy & Paste…. Leaves alot of room for error… The concept is great however mirroring the information between primary and secondary systems would be much more efficient and also would reduces the TAT.

uday kiran says:

how to create these videos?

FilmscoreMetaler says:

So IBM now invented the macro?

AB Writing says:

Hi, great depiction, may I know how to use the effort clock animation customized to our need?

saro saro says:

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amala jst says:

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kevin john says:

It is a nice and good video…thanks for sharing us…

Inigo joseph says:

Fantastic video presented over here.•I feel really happy to have seen yourvideo and look forward to so many more entertaining times reading here.

kepstein8888 says:

The question is whether employers will really use all that freed-up labor to improve customer service. Would they be tempted to just let people go and keep the same level of customer service in order to cut costs? If they're getting by with today's level of customer service, what incentive do they have to re-apply those human resources instead of doing without them?

Jorge Díaz says:

It depends on windows? It cannot be used into linux or another OS?
this demo show how to work with systems that dont have a good solution to process a bunch of information. In this case for example, why dont the CMIS and Line of credit account system develop an api or web service for the communication with bpm?

What when this systems change? you don't have control about ids or names of the inputs on the views (where you copy and paste).
Do you need a desktop enviroment to run this task? why is not totally automated and save the time of create that human service?

how foolproof is the robotic process automation in terms of windows error messages, warnings, and etcetera of intrusive little windows when they pop up?

Fredrik Sætre says:

Time to reevaluate the business application architecture? That was simply ridiculous!

Greg Settle says:

A new twist on an old idea. Those of you that remember the product SideKick from Borland are already familiar with process automation. It killed me watching all that copy & paste going on.

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